Better Before, was it better before? Or better now?

Fujifilm X100F

I waited months for my camera! There seemed to be some supply blockage somewhere but it finally dropped into the retail channels in the UK in the middle of June 2017. The verdict is that as a carry-always 'street' camera it's absolutely fabulous. If premium lens flexibility is what you're after, you'll need to clearly invest in an interchangeable lens/camera solution. I've done all that and have the T-Shirt, now happy to leave that to the 'serious' photographers who need to produce shots for billboards and glossy publicity outlets. My Review.

Super Mario World

Gaming was never such fun! In 1992 I was hooked on SMW on the Nintendo SNES. My partner and I sat after work until we fell asleep in the wee small hours every evening, quaffing beer! Should have known better at nearly 30 years old, but we couldn't put it down!

We tried to drum up equal enthusiasm for Street Fighter II but it wasn't the same as this platforming supremo!

Of course, gaming has come a long way since then but even though the blocky graphics reflected the time in the past, it's still playable now - I have a SNES Mini and a 3DS XL - so can still enjoy the trip down memory lane.

The sense of achievement 3 or so months down the line when all 96 levels were cracked and game beaten - pure joy!

Gaming will never be the same again!

My First Car

Following a meandering off-topic thread on PSC, I thought I'd open things up here for a proper discussion about what our first cars were! Here's my Hillman Minx 1966, 'D' Reg., bought in 1979. Bench seat, handbrake by the door, starting handle (used twice) and windscreen wash plunger as a foot-pedal.

Belt Holster

For a mobile phone. Better before? You've got to be kidding! đŸ¤ª