Betrayal IO

Betrayal io is a cool multiplayer online game similar to Among Us, in which you have to find out who are the betrayers. As you and your crewmates are working on different tasks, some of the players in the room are coldblooded killers stabbing other players' backs. Your task is to vote whoever you think is one of those betrayers, to kick them out and win the match.

Of course, you may also be randomly selected as one of the betrayers at the beginning of the match, which means you will have to sneak behind other players and kill them while nobody is watching. Once a body is found, a discussion will start to find out who are the killers. Have fun playing this free online multiplayer game Betrayal IO!

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = interact with objects and players

Betrayal io

Are you ready for a new and exciting multiplayer adventure with Betrayal io? You're one of the stars of the Betrayal movies and your goal is to play the roles of Betrayer and Crewmate as you try to eliminate your enemies without being seen, or you try to complete all sorts of tasks and survive to the end to win - only one of the two teams can win!

Betrayal is a more realistic and graphically detailed version of the famous game Among Us, enjoy completing all sorts of tasks or annihilating other users who have joined the game.

Customize your character as you like and get the highest score to invest those points in buying upgrades and new skills for your character. Pay close attention to your surroundings and try to fall into the clutches of a player more powerful and experienced than you. Are you ready for unlimited fun? Good luck!

What features does Betrayal io offer?

  • A unique multiplayer experience.

  • Enjoy detailed graphics.

  • Annihilate your opponents.

  • Complete all kinds of tasks.

  • Defend your role in the movie and claim victory

Who created Betrayal io?

This hilarious game was developed by End Game Studios