Getting Started with the Troop

How to Join Troop 329:

1. Fill out Youth Application and return to Jim or Season within your first two Troop Meetings.

2. Partial year dues are $25 and are due with your Application to covers the cost of registration and Boy Scout Handbook. Yearly dues are assessed in November for the following years registration and program costs. Dues average around $60 per youth however Troop programming and Council fee increases play a role in our final yearly cost.

3. Parts A & B of the Medical Form must be filled and turned in with a copy of the front and back of your insurance card.

4. Part C of the Medical Form (Physical Form) must be completed by June 1st of each year for boys attending Summer Camp.

Financial Obligations: Checks are payable to Troop 329

· $25 partial year assessment due at time of sign up (if signing up prior to October).

·$60 yearly assessment due in November for the following program year.

·Class A uniform

·Summer Camp $350 – $100 deposit due the third meeting of February. Balance due by May 1st.

·Food/camping costs per outing. Ranges from $5-$20 per outing depending on event and duration. Special events may require a higher cost and opportunity to plan and fund raise will be given.

Uniform Policy:

Class A Uniform – Tan shirts, with Black BSA Neckerchief and Slide. Green 329 Troop Numbers, Green Arm Loops. Shirts are worn with badges appropriately attached, neatly pressed and tucked in at all times. While wearing your Class A shirt you are asked to wear traditional green scout pants or shorts, jeans without holes or tears or non-athletic type pants or shorts.

Class B Uniform – Troop 329 Class B t-shirts are available for purchase for $20. These may be worn at the discretion of the Scoutmaster.

Camp Class B T-Shirts – Prior to summer camp, the troop will choose a t-shirt for the boys to wear. You are asked to purchase 5 of the same shirt for scouts to wear during summer camp.

Merit Badge Sash – A merit badge sash may be purchased at the Scout Store. Merit badge sashes are only worm during formal activity. A "Formal activity" is an awards ceremony, a Blue and Gold banquet, a Troop Court of Honor, a recognition dinner staged by a unit, District, Council or Region, and special activities which lends itself to wearing the merit badge sash.

Individual Scout Accounts:

Each Scout has an account set up for him to help aid in paying for any Troop expenses such as camping trips, field trip expenses, yearly assessments and summer camp. Any monies earned during fundraising events are placed in the scouts account.

Information on Summer Camp at Trexler Scout Reservation