Best Male Sex Toys

The full review of the best sex toys for men in 2018

If you’re a beginner in searching the perfect sex products for you it can be extremely hard to choose the sex toy made just for you.

There are so many different models and variations of different toys that it’s not a surprise, that you would want to get some help in choosing the most suitable one.

1.Autoblow 2

  • 50% more tight expansion that in the previous model

  • Automatic work, so you don't even need your hands to hold the toy while using it

  • Easy cleaning

2.Lelo Tor 2

  • This cock ring is made for couple and solo use

  • Purchase it for making your intercourse last longer and make your climax more intense

  • Bring satisfaction to yourself and your intimate partner with this toy

3.Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

  • It will be sensual, bright and intense

  • This product helps training the delay of a potence

  • You could surprise your partner with long intercourse and more pleasurable orgasm

Even when you completely understand what feelings you want, still it’s pretty easy to get lost in all these different toys. So today we have decided to share with you the list of top toys for men of 2018. Find the perfect one!

We have prepared the top 10 products that are not only the best by users recommendations but also comfortable while making sex. Let’s get started!


This new male sex toy by Autoblow is the new version of the previous product, and it has become even better than ever!

What makes AUTOBLOW 2+ XT one of the best intimate male toys?

The new technology of the re-engineered model of this autoblowjob pussy makes it tighter, which gives deeper feelings.

It also has a special storage case, that will hide your secret sex toy from the prying eyes.


  • Package deal with special storage, which will keep your toy in privacy

  • A 1-year guaranty

Disadvantages of this product

  • You should buy a water-based lube for quicker and easier cleaning

Love this autoblow! It helps me to unwind, and it is very comfortable in use.

The best part of these kinds of toys is that I don’t need to hold it.

So this is totally like a real blowjob!

2. TOR 2 by LELO

It will make you feel every sensation deeper, and your orgasm will be brighter and longer.

What makes TOR 2 by LELO one of the best intimate male toys?

The toys are suitable for all sex positions, and they are convenient in use.


  • Waterproof

  • It provides 6 different settings for more intense climax

  • A full 1-year guaranty


  • Not suitable for every penis’ size

It is an incredible experience, which brings more emotions to your sex life!

My girlfriend says that with this cock ring I’m a living vibrator.

Best orgasms ever!


Number 1 product worldwide, which makes your intercourse more intense.

It trains you to last longer during sex and to get more pleasure from it.

What makes STAMINA TRAINING UNIT one of the best intimate male toys?

This male masturbator imitates a female’s vagina with its patented SuperSkin formula inside the product.

Advantages of this product

  • Nice golden design

  • Special SuperSkin sleeve

  • Disadvantages

  • Higher price, than other similar models

Nice toy for practice before a big game, if you know, what I mean. I feel that I’m now much more stamina with this one.

After using different options I fell in love with this model, because it is extremely easy to use and it makes its job perfectly.

I now have a way better erection and not only can last longer but also have more intense orgasms. Love it.

4. HydroXtreme7

Maximize your strength and size within a couple of minutes.

With this male sex toy, you’ll become more confident in your capacity. Make sex pleasurable for your lady!


  • Free set of accessories when buying a toy

  • Effective and comfortable

  • 60 days money back guarantee


  • Very high price for this kind of toy

  • There are some contraindications

This sex toy helped me to expanse my cock. I got plus 3 inches after one use.

My girl is shocked because now she gets more intense orgasms and I can last much longer!


There are three different levels of vibrations and three different levels of vacuum.

Let your girl decide what you feel by the app for this sex toy. Try Max in couple with Nora!

What makes MAX by LOVESENSE one of the best toys for men?

It’s great for solo and couple use as well. Your intimate partner can control the intensity of the vibrator in distance by a special app.


  • Very realistic masturbating sleeve

  • Rechargeable

  • 100% safe

  • Works by Bluetooth

  • In pair with female’s vibrator Nora

Disadvantages of this product

  • High price

  • Sometimes there could be disruptions when using Bluetooth and App

Bought this one and Nora vibrator for me and my lady. We have relationships in the distance so these sex toys help us to keep it hot.

I love that I can control the intensity and my girlfriend also by using an app on her phone.

It provides realistic feelings and in use with the partner. It’s very sexy.

6. THRUST Pro Elite

This life-sized vagina and ass masturbator is made for double pleasure.

What makes THRUST Pro Elite one of the best male toys?

Sexy medium-sized ribbed vagina and anal masturbator comfortable and stable in use.


  • Life-sized toy for sex in doggy style

  • Optimum access and exposure

  • Enough stable for using it with hands-free


  • If you have sensitive skin this toy may cause allergies because it is made of the artificial material

7. Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Luxury

A new sex product which brings deep feelings of the intercourse to a new level.

What makes Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Luxury one of the best intimate toys?

This sex toy for men not only brings you a memorable climax but also stimulates your head and frenulum, which other toys never do.


  • Price is not high especially on sales which are very often for this product

  • Stimulation of head and frenulum

  • Waterproof and rechargeable


  • When using water-based lube buttons can be fiddly

  • Can be noisy depending on the setting

Used it, loved it and now it’s my new best friend! Sometimes I just feel that I should recharge it too often, but maybe I just use it too much.

Also, sometimes I want more power and more intensity in it, but that’s okay.

8. Nexus Revo 2

This intimate product brings pleasure in a bob typical way.

It stimulates prostate and perineum.

What makes Nexus Revo 2 one of the best sex products?

This is one of the most popular and highly recommended prostate massagers that are great for bringing yourself a new kind of orgasms, which you have never experienced before.

Advantages of this product

  • Prostate and perineum stimulation

  • 3 modes of stimulation and 2 rotation speeds

  • Rechargeable


  • The duration is approximately 240 minutes which is only 8 times of use (per 30 minutes each)

  • High price in comparison with the similar sex toys for massaging prostate

Nice toy to try anal stimulation for the first time. It brings different feelings and senses. It’s also very sexy to use with a partner.

I like that this toy is very compact, so I can hide it anywhere I need.

9. Super Head Honcho Masturbator

It’s a new version of the legendary Head Honcho that Sue Johanson used.

It is suitable for all sizes and forms of the penis and it’s very smooth and stretchy inside the pussy, so every guy will fit in!

What makes Super Head Honcho Masturbator one of the best sex toys for men?

A new male product has more real feelings, thanks to the new technology of the inner part of the intimate toy.


  • Very low price

  • Provides realistic feelings

  • Easy cleaning


  • Simple design, which is not attractive

  • Weak material, so it will rip very fast

  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

I couldn’t even dream of such an amazing feeling! It feels like a blowjob, so I recommend it highly.

But I should warn you that the quality of this product is fully in line with the price. It’s cheap, so it is weak when you use it intensely.

This is our list of top intimate toys that are made for man’s pleasure.

What makes HydroXtreme7 one of the best intimate toys for men?

This hydropump is made to expanse your penis’ size with its special vacuum technique.