Top 10 Best Roll Up Pianos for 2020

Roll up pianos are compact and portable solutions for people who'd like to play or learn to play piano on the go. Unlike traditional pianos, a roll up piano is significantly lighter and easier to carry around. Not to mention, they are pretty inexpensive too compared to acoustic pianos and electronic keyboards. Though it would be wrong to expect roll up pianos to sound and perform as good as conventional pianos, they are not complete slouches either. When you look at the size of these pianos and you couple that with your lowered expectations, you'd be quite happy to listen to what these pianos eventually crank out.

These flexible, lightweight, battery-powered pianos are ideal instruments to learn the piano or get familiar with the instrument. Before you buy a real piano to cater to your newly found love for the instrument, you may dabble with the roll up piano and check if you're truly into it. You don't want a one-day fascination to cost you heavily after all. Once you start appreciating your roll up piano, your conventional piano purchase would make more sense, or you would be able to extract maximum value out of it.

If you're out in the market looking to buy the ideal roll up piano, the following top roll up pianos for 2020 list should get you started.

1. Lujex 61 Keys Roll Up Piano

Lujex 61 Keys Roll Up Piano

This 61-key, foldable Lujex is a highly portable roll up piano. It's best suited for pre-elementary children, students, and other piano practitioners who fall in the similar category. The keyboard is fully functional and is made using food-grade, environment-friendly silicone material. The champagne and steel grey console give a fun vibe to the piano.

The piano boasts 128 tones. It also comes with 100 rhythms, 40 demos, and cutting-edge MIDI chip technology. You may connect the piano to your computer for some music editing. Moreover, the keyboard works as a power bank when there is no portable power around. The piano is equipped with an MP3 player, headphone port, external power source, and a USB port to connect it to an external speaker.


• Varied sounds and options

• Durable buttons, yet soft to the touch

• Clear speaker functionality

• Value for money


• Simultaneous support for only three keys

2. Safeplus Piano Keyboard 88 Keys Touch

Safeplus Piano Keyboard 88 Keys Touch

This 88-key roll up piano from Safeplus is packed with functionalities and features. MP3 capabilities, a speaker/earphone port, a microphone input, etc. are some of them. The 88-key configuration gives the feel of playing a real piano. There is a speaker built into the keyboard that comes in handy when you would not want to plug in your headphones or when there is no external speaker around.

Thanks to Bluetooth, you can connect the keyboard to other Bluetooth-compatible devices. The product package houses a power supply to charge the keyboard. On a single charge, the keyboard offers playback of up to 12 hours, which is considerably more compared to other roll up keyboards in its range. Not to mention, the carry pouch that the keyboard comes with makes travel and storage pretty straightforward.


• Built with multiple creative functions

• Rechargeable battery lasts a long time

• Convenient carrying pouch in the box


• Key feel and response could be better

3. BABY JOY 88 Keys Roll Up Piano

BABY JOY 88 Keys Roll Up Piano

With 128 sounds, 128 rhythms, 15 demo songs, and a complete drum kit keyboard range, this Baby Joy 88-key roll up piano is an experience in itself. Despite being of a regular size, this roll-up piano is quite portable and pretty lightweight too. Vibrato and sustain functionalities add a bit more flair and flavour to your music. Recording, programming, and playback functions lend the keyboard versatility.

The keyboard works on an integrated rechargeable battery or you could plug it into your external power supply. If your kid is taking piano lessons but has no piano at home for practice, this Baby Joy roll up piano would be a solid choice. It would at least fill in until you have the budget to buy a traditional piano.


• Solid for beginners

• Raised keys give a real keyboard feel

• Plays simple chords just fine

• Nifty drum kit feature

• Brimming with functions


• Accidental key presses are a possibility

4. Sunny & Fun 61-Key Roll-Up Piano with Speaker

Sunny & Fun 61-Key Roll-Up Piano with Speake

This roll up keyboard from the house of Sunny & Fun is a 61-key full-size keyboard with traditional white and black piano keys. The jazzy red controller offers some contrast and interest to the otherwise routine black-and-white color scheme. The piano comes with 30 preloaded tracks, 128 rhythm tracks, and 128 instrument tones. The MIDI out comes in handy when editing songs.

There's also a speaker/headphone jack that lets you hook the keyboard with your favorite audio tools. If there's an audience, the external speaker support helps. And if you want to listen to your keys in total privacy, the headphone jack comes in. The keyboard supports DC 5V cable, which is included in the box. Also, included are a travel bag and mesh storage. Not to mention, the piano needs four AA batteries for power.


• Programmable rhythms

• Easy to understand user interface

• Great to teach basic keyboard skills to your kids

• Playing on the keyboard is fun


• Speaker isn't the best in class

5. 61Keys Folding Portable Keyboard

61Keys Folding Portable Keyboard

This Igloo Essentials piano is a full-size, 61-key roll-up that packs in quite a few handful features in one convenient, portable package. The 14 demo tracks that it comes with help you learn things while you play. The 128 tones, 128 rhythms, and several helpful functions that include vibrato and sustain settings boost your musical experiments.

There is an auto chord feature that lets you play multiple or single chords. Not to mention, the teaching and student mode add value. The rechargeable built-in battery can do a marathon of 15 hours. And the USB MIDI output allows you to connect the keyboard to other devices. There is also a built-in speaker, or the option to plug your own speakers or headphones into the respective ports.


• Intuitive user interface

• Unique setting to play single-note chords

• Long battery life

• Comes with a pedal


• Extremely loud via the headphones

6. Donner Piano Keyboard 61 Keys

Donner Piano Keyboard 61 Keys

The Donner brand is pretty established in the music instruments industry. The company is renowned for making high-quality music instruments at a fairly affordable price. This 61-key keyboard from Donner is no exception. It lives up to the company's repute and its followers' expectations. The keyboard comes with 30 demo songs, 128 rhythms, 140 sounds, and a dust and waterproof rollup design.

The keyboard is also fitted with a headphone jack so that people around you do not have to listen to your keys. Some other features/functionalities worth mentioning in the keyboard are vibrato setting, single finger chord feature, and sustain setting. If you want a full-size keyboard that's highly portable and doesn't compromise on the sound front, this Donner roll up keyboard is a solid option.


• A host of functions

• Built-in MP3 functionality

• Solid sound quality, particularly for the class

• 30-day moneyback guarantee


• Keys are a bit too sensitive

7. KMUSIC Premium Grade Piano

The Kiker Music A61 is a 61-key piano that comes with several modern features. It's a solid starter piano. The keys are non-toxic, premium-grade silicone. They are durable and feel soft to the touch. The piano is accompanied by a small speaker that offers vibrant, crisp sound feedback. If you don't feel the onboard speaker packs enough punch, you can always amplify the sound with an external speaker.

The piano offers different connectivity options, which include USB 5V, MIDI out, microphone, MP3, and complete Bluetooth options. Added features include a record/play option, 128 rhythms, and 140 instrument tones. There are some sound effects too, and some 30 demo numbers for inspiration. There is a 1,100mAh battery built-in which makes the piano completely transportable. Weighing just 3.4 pounds, your arms should not ache, or your shoulders will not pain carrying the instrument around.


• Supports Bluetooth wireless transfers

• External sustain pedal

• 90-day warranty

• Extremely portable


• Keys have occasional double play issues

8. Lujex 88 Keys Portable Piano

Lujex 88 Keys Portable Piano

If you absolutely need 88 keys, this Lujex roll-up piano is what you need. This full-sized piano has a traditional layout - with keys made from high-quality, environment-friendly silicone. The piano creates pleasant sounds and provides resistance that could remind you of an actual keyboard or piano. The single finger chord option adds to your repertoire during the learning phase. Not to mention, the integrated subwoofer makes your harmonies sound richer.

The piano comes with a rechargeable battery that's built in and offers playback of close to 10 hours. The USB MIDI output helps you edit music with your computer, and the headphone jack offers the option to practice privately. The keyboard comes with 128 rhythms, 140 tones, and 30 demo tracks. There are integrated sound effects as well.


• Strong sustain pedal

• Easy-to-read LED screen

• Lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge

• Solid speaker system with a built-in subwoofer


• Lags when playing fast-paced numbers

• White keys can get easily stained

9. iLearnMusic Roll Up Piano 88 Keys

iLearnMusic Roll Up Piano 88 Keys

iLearnMusic offers its roll up pianos in different key configurations. This one is the 88-key, full-size keyboard. The size not just offers an extra set of keys, but it also accommodates features that the smaller versions may not come with. These include multiple sound effects, demo songs, rhythms, and a solid multi-functional interface that not just makes the keyboard fun but also easy to learn on.

The built-in battery lets you play the keyboard even when there is no outlet in the vicinity. A Bluetooth connection, audio connections, and MIDI output are a few other handy features of this piano. The keyboard, like most other pianos on this list, comes with a 30-day cashback guarantee and a 90-day warranty.


• Great for the price

• Comes with the unique teaching/student mode for learning

• Heavy-duty keys offer a sense of confidence

• Ideal for kids


• Keys may make random sounds even when not pressed

10. PicassoTiles PT49 Kid's 49-Key Flexible Piano

 PicassoTiles PT49 Kid's 49-Key Flexible Piano

The PicassoTiles PT49 is arguably the most colourful roll up piano on this list. The piano has been designed and the colors have been chosen in a way to attract kids, which it surely does. As the model name suggests, this keyboard comprises 49 keys in a standard size layout. The different colors are not just for flash. They help kids and even older learners get acclimatized to the different notes on the keyboard.

The piano comes with eight unique tones and six pre-loaded demo tracks that make the playing experience even more fun. For power, you may insert AAA batteries or plug the keyboard into a USB power source. There is a headphone jack for private listening, and also an audio port that lets you hook up your external speakers with the keyboard for some in-house live performance.


• Inexpensive and portable

• Loud onboard speakers

• High-quality audio jack

• Traditional key size

• Volume control


• Random stuttering

• Light-colored body doesn't hide blemishes

Roll Up Piano Selection Tips

1. Product Durability

Most people purchase roll up pianos for their children. Kids have a tendency to be rough with their toys so make sure that you get something that can shrug off the abuse. Roll-ups are already better at this compared to rigid pianos since the latter can quickly crack and break upon impact. Softer materials such as rubber will simply bounce back from a fall without problems. Of course, one end of the piano will still be stiff to provide shape and house the circuits so this should be made of sturdy stuff.

2. Safe Materials

Any toy meant for children's use should be examined for safety. Rollups are good for small kids since they do not have tiny parts that could be accidentally swallowed. Just make sure to get one from a reputable brand. This is to guard against toxic materials that might endanger the health of their users. For example, toys with high lead content can eventually result in lead poisoning. This will drastically effect physical and mental development. Do a bit of research before making a purchase.

3. Learning Aids

Check the features of different models to see how well they can teach kids how to play the instrument. For example, having different colors for the keys will help them identify the notes better than plain black and white varieties. The item may have demo songs as well which users can try to follow along to. Kids will be able to associate the right notes with the right keys. They will develop timing and musicality as well. Some devices have a recording function to let users have a better appreciation of their progress.

4. Port Availability

See which types of ports are present in different devices. It would be good to have support for an earphone and an external speaker. Earphones will let kids practice as much as they want, whenever they want without disturbing anyone else. External speakers should provide much better and louder sound than the built-in ones. This setup is handy when the child is eager to show off new skills and new songs.

5. Power Options

Roll up pianos are meant to be portable. They are physically designed to take up a small volume for traveling. This means they have to be able to power up on-the-go as well. Check which types of batteries are compatible with the device. Many will require 4 AAA batteries so you can find replacements easily. Others might have rechargeable batteries to reduce waste. It is often possible to plug them to an external power source as well. Power save mode can reduce consumption by automatically turning the device off after a certain idle period.

6. Features

There may be some features that are not found on other models. Perhaps these would make the item more compelling for some buyers. For example, you might want a piano that has 88 keys instead of one that has only 49 keys. The former can reach lower and higher notes for more advanced songs. It might also be nice to have a piano that offers multiple tones to change the feel of the notes. Volume control is essential. Echo sustain is a cool addition that improves the texture of the music.

Types of Roll Up Pianos

1. Touch Sensitive Pianos

Actual pianos have weighted keys that produce different sounds depending on how they are pressed. Some keyboards mimic this by using sensors to determine the force applied and triggering the appropriate pre-recorded sound. This kind of mechanism is harder to include in a roll-up piano but some models are already providing this feature. It is possible to put emotion into a piece with such a device. Non-touch sensitive options tend to sound flat and dull so consider this before making a purchase. It is often worth the premium.

2. Color Keyboards

If the intended user is a very young child, then it might be good to purchase a piano with colored keys. These are perfect for visual learners as they can clearly associate the sound with the color. They should be able to identify the right note faster when trying to follow demo songs. There is no need to label the keys as others do since the colors are enough of a cue. On the other hand, older children may not like something that is too colorful as they are ready to tackle more serious-looking rollup pianos. The latter tends to have more keys and better features.

3. Floor Pianos

Some roll-ups are much bigger than the typical desk. In fact, they are meant to be placed on the floor. Little tots can step on the keys while trying to follow the beat. It can effectively look like dancing on a lighted mat, except that you are on a giant floor piano for fun. The whole family can enjoy this type of toy in the living room. This should prove to be a hit for parties and other special occasions.

4. Combo Kits

There are roll up pianos that go beyond a single instrument. For example, you might find one that also doubles as a rollup drum. You can hit two birds with one stone and save a few bucks by getting such a device. If your goal is to simply expose your child to different stimuli, then this is a good option to consider.

Top Foldable Piano Brands

If you are looking for a colored rollup, then check out the brand called PicassoTiles. They have highly rated options for you to choose from. iLearnMusic is another name that deserves to be mentioned thanks to excellent performance. For those on the hunt for a floor piano, then the ABco Tech Giant Piano Mat is truly a popular model that is worth your while. If you would like an 88-key rollup, then go for the Safeplus Piano Keyboard. This has touch-sensitive keys and an external power supply. If you prefer a wide range of tones, then the Sunny & Fun 61-key Roll-up is a great alternative.

Average Foldable Piano Pricing

Foldables can generally be purchased at a fraction of the price of serious keyboards. You should be able to find highly rated products priced at just $25. That's a great bargain for a quality electronic items that kids will surely love. Even the more expensive options don't go overboard with the cost as few will be more than $50. If you have a limited budget but you want to put a big smile on a child's face, then this is a good gift to get.

Discuss Q / A

1. What is a Roll Up Piano?

A roll up piano is a musical instrument that features silicone rubber with printed keys. It is soft and flexible. It can be folded or rolled up to reduce length and volume. This is ideal for people who want to play music on-the-go without having to carry bulky and heavy keyboards. Most are geared towards kids but there are some models that adult learners will also appreciate.

2. What is the best roll up piano keyboard?

Selecting a roll up piano should depend on the specific needs of the user. A young visual learner might prefer a colorful model for ease of identification. Someone who wants to play pieces with emotional impact will want a model that is touch-sensitive. Some might with satisfied with 49 keys or less while others will not want anything under 88 keys. There are also power, durability, and pricing issues to consider. Make a list of your needs and see which options checks all the boxes.

3. What is the top roll up piano for kids?

If the intended user is a kid, then consider the PT49from the brand PicassoTiles. This particular model has received a large number of positive reviews on Amazon. It looks nice and fun without being overly complicated. There are enough features to keep children occupied without making the device hard to use. It is reliable, portable, and fun. Kids can take it on vacations so they never miss out on practice sessions. It is durable enough to be taken on long travels without falling apart. Cleaning is a breeze as you just have to wipe the surface once and you're done.

4. How much does a roll up piano cost?

These portable pianos won't cost a fortune so there is no need to worry about the price. You can get an excellent device for just $25 on Amazon or other online retailers. You may have to shell out a bit more than $50 but that's about it. This type of gift will not punch a hole on your wallet.

5. How many keys does a roll up piano have?

It varies a lot between models. Floor pianos can have as few as 24 keys. Kid-specific roll-up models may have between 37 and 49 keys. The most that you will see are 88 keys which is the same as what you would expect to see on advanced digital keyboards.