Best Pizza in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is the capital city in a state referred to as "The Crossroads of America," a phrase that suggests interstate dining and sad pieces sitting in a gas-station warmer. But once you leave the highway and into the 465 loop, the taste remix potential of such a crossroads is totally realized through pizza. Here you can discover whatever from Thai shrimp to farm-fresh quail eggs on our pies, and Indy is not a town scared to experiment on one saucy, tacky triangle at a time. It's like San Francisco in the '60s, however with a lot more cattle ranch on the side. Here are the best pizzerias in the area.


Pearl Street

A relaxed area for sports or to top off a long day's work downtown

You might be tricked into thinking that Downtown has no late-night pizza choices, and you would be wrong. Tucked back on the eponymous street, Pearl Street Pizzeria is open until 3am and serves unbelievable edge-to-edge pizzas, and it's geared up with TVs, making it a fantastic place to view a few games while you eat. They've got plenty of taps devoted to regional craft beer, if you're trying to find a fast after-work beverage and bite.

Greek's Pizzeria

When something's excellent, it takes off, and there's no much better evidence of that than the explosion of Greek's in Indy. Picture the rich, somewhat sweet sauce on top of a bubbly, bready bottom that ends on the edges in a pillowy ring of perfect crust. Greek's is growing up in just about every community, and has actually lastly gone back to the Broad Ripple location so Midtowners can get their cravings pleased like our Northern next-door neighbors. If you were thinking about purchasing from a specific Papa and there's a Greek's in your neighborhood, make that life-changing turn on your next order. You'll never return.


Indy's best pizzeria for Phish phans

Part of the Patachou family of dining establishments, Napolese serves farm-to-table food on a seasonally-updated Italian menu. Its Napolese Broken Yolk is an undisputed Indianapolis favorite: a margherita pizza with a quail egg on top. Aside from the artisanal selection, this area uses some "freestyle" choices, which offers diners an option of as much as three toppings per pizza. Phish fans will get an unique toss out of some of the pie names, as Chef Tyler Herald is both a flavor wizard and a jam band follower.

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

The beloved, popular gold basic around Naptown

Parents enjoy it, kids can't get enough of it, and politicians get pictures taken while consuming it to prove they comprehend what's great around here. This place uses the completely thick crust, with a crispy, buttery edge, and an excellent balance of garnishes. The pizza menu is divided into areas: meat, cheese, and potato; chicken; veggie; seafood; and "hangover pizzas" (translation: pies with a great deal of stuff thrown on to make you forget about how much you consumed the night prior to). Here's the very best part: it's next door to Black Acre Brewery, so you can get your flights of beer at the bar and wolf down a piece after you've done your best work on a couple of pints.


Great for big groups and craft beer alternatives

For those with a taste for the massive and unique, there is Bazbeaux, called after Louis XI's famous court jester. Drop in and get a pie piled with veggies, or seafood, or andouille sausage and have a banana bread beer to choose it. It's perfect for when you have to feed a group of people with a variety of tastes. Together with the pizza, make certain you get a salad, if only to try the basil dressing that comes with it. And though we like all our Bazbeaux's similarly, the Broad Ripple place need to bake at a hotter temperature level because it certainly makes the much better crust of the two. It has gluten-free and vegan choices.


A cozy dining-room with exceptional craft pizza and cocktails

Pizzology continues to see lines out the door on weekends while Carmelites await that special paper-thin, ultra-crunchy crust that comes out of the oven at this place. Pizzology is a place where you can bring the kids and get them the pep-extra-cheese they like as well as get something more matured for yourself. For our money, the mushroom-heavy White Devil (prosciutto, mushrooms, house-made mozzarella, olive oil, garlic fondue, and sea salt) is the hands down best choose.


A romantic setting, with wood-fired slices to succumb to

Diavola has been among the competitors for king of the wood-fired slice because it took over the old Twist Lounge spot on 54th and instantly made waves with the crusty, chewy variation of the brick-oven pizza. The warmly-lit, dark interior makes it another good choice for a date with someone you like enough to share a pizza with. (No judgment if that is nobody.).


A fixation with NYC taken to the (finest) extreme.

This place has actually been around for a while, and for good factor. It began humbly on Emerson and now has two more locations, one on the beach in Florida and the other in Nashville, Indiana. Do not be put off by the New York Everything ambiance of the place, since the pie actually readies (whether it be the Broadway, the Park Avenue, the Canal Street, or the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway). Make certain to get your pizza done "Grandma Style." The extra-thick crust is like stepping into the kitchen of the Sicilian grandmother you never ever had. It's something you must attempt at least once.

South of Chicago

Your first stop for Chicago-style deep dish.

Some locals may angrily call it "pizza casserole," but our neighbors from Da Region would probably state that South of Chicago has the very best deep dish, well, south of Chicago. If you really want to go Chi-city crazy, you get your deep dish topped with Italian beef and giardiniera peppers. And who are we to evaluate?

Union Jack

A UK bar excellent for 2 things: soccer and pizza.

It's not often that UK-centric soccer bars are the place to find terrific pizza, but Union Jack makes exactly the sort of thick-crusted, topping-laden pie you need to fuel up for proper hooliganism. It also offers something called the Jack Stuffed Pizza Pie: an unbelievable butter crust and cheese mashup that looks basically similar to a pie with the top crust vented for the oven. Do try!

Some Guys Pizza

This is the area to purchase outside the box.

We don't frequently advise attempting anything but a basic pie when venturing to a new pizza joint, however this place does remarkable things with its "unusual" variety of pizza. Get yourself a Thai pie with carrots, cashews, and peanut sauce and recognize that possibly-- simply perhaps-- you've been doing your Asian blend food all incorrect.

Bebop Pizza Kitchen

Where innovative jazz, cheese, and delight clash.

Just around the corner from allure Kitchen is this cool little pizza shop serving pies until the music stops at midnight on the weekends (and 10pm Sunday-Thursday). Folks in the neighborhood have actually been buying the delicious thin-crust pies for a long time, and there's no have to mess with excellence-- particularly when you're offering a 16-inch five-cheese and tomato pie for under $20.

Byrne's Grilled Pizza

The food-truck preferred offers much more choices at its dining establishment.

For a while, visitors of the Broad Ripple Farmers Market have actually been taking pleasure in Byrne's limited variety of pizza by the piece. Now, everybody can enjoy a pie with this brick-and-mortar area at 56th and Illinois in the old Oh Yumm! Restaurant storefront. The restaurant provides a few lunch choices on top of the "Always" served pies (roughly 15), all of which come in both small and big. But c'mon, if you've tasted the product at the Farmers Market, chances are you'll be buying up the big.

Ale Emporium

An inviting hall of beverage, sport, and specialized pies.

All hail the excellent Ale Emporium: palace of beer both micro- and macro-brewed, and terrific pizza wonder of the Northside. In the middle of chains and crappy sports bars, the ever-wonderful Ale Emporium supplies both the very best pizza and the best wings in Castleton in a kind of flashing museum of tvs continuously playing sports. In between the draft and bottle list, you can get about a thousand various beers to wash down the game-day food. It's hard to think of a better place to spend a few Sundays throughout football season.

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