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Can finding a psychic adviser near me be as good as a phone psychic

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Some Questions About Vaping

I Have read through some forums and wanted to post some common questions that I have seen in them, although much of the existing e cigarette thread .. But the answer I got was, since 2009 .. And therefore you have to wonder if there is updated information ..

The question is simple.

Is E cigarettes and vaping healthier than smoking regular cigarettes?

When you google around, there are "studies" that it is quite dangerous, more dangerous than cigarettes, and provides more cancer.

Then there are "studies" that says straight towards ..

The thing is that if you read the manufacturers' websites, it is of course that it's healthier alternative to smoking, the best in the world and cure cancer.

Nah but understand me right ..

Are there any studies that the e cigarette is better a regular tobacco cigarette?

How much better?

Where can I get the "healthiest" vapign / eciggen?

Healthiest liquid?

Sticky thread, but hope it is reasonably legible ..

Depends on the perspective from which you look at it from. I'm both regular and e cig.

It is dangerous if you get the nicotine directly into the mouth. Then it depends on the strength.

It is not dangerous, but the nicotine in the liquid.

It can happen is that you overheat ciggen and glass cracks which do not occur often.

The reason that there is such huge warnings about it is that it is very dependent on where you can smoke virtually everywhere and all the time.

I dig however electricity cigarette.

I run on the brand aspiration.