Top 10 IPTV Providers by Buni TV Listing

IPTV is an awesome way to watch TV on devices such as smart TVs, computers, and even smartphones. You only have to use one of many different apps to do so. The majority of the leading IPTV options provided in the list below offer resolutions of up to 4K. Without further ado, let us check out the top 10 iptv services listing provided by Buni.TV.

  1. Iconic Streams

This IPTV provider claims to offers over 3,500 channels, all of them in HD quality. Some of the channels I checked provided stunning video quality while the others were in standard density. Sports lovers will love the sports events aired live on the iconic stream. The company also offers video on demand, a wide range of xxx channels, as well as pay per view. As of the moment, there is no support for Android-based devices. This being said, you can use applications like IPTV smarter player or IPTV m3u to stream your favorite TV channels via IPTV.

The costs for two connections are:

• €12.50 for one month

• €30.00 for three months

• €65.00 for six months

• €75.00 for one year

• Get an additional connection to your line for €2.50. This allows you to access your line from three devices.

I loved their excellent customer support. I received a reply within 24 hours of lodging a complaint. Iconic Stream IPTV runs on Android TV, Fire TV, and Firestick. You can use a VPN to view the offerings of this provider.

  1. TV Team

Although this provider is a relatively new entrant into the IPTV scene, do not let that disappoint you. They claim to offer 7995+ channels in SD, HD, and HD+ as well as 7549 videos on demand, updated daily. If you have any doubts about their quality opt for their 48 hours trial. Despite offering a huge number of channels, I found out that many of them are not in English. However, this is not an issue as the providers will, on request, set up your personalized IPTV playlist. It helps you in getting rid of the unnecessary channels and saves your time too. They boast of excellent support staff in Dutch, German, and English. You can use VPN to access some streams not available in the United States. I was disappointed as most of their channels did not have a TV guide (EPG) except on the premium package. The different packages offered include:

• Start package at £19.95 per month

• Basic package at £47 for three months

• Commercial package at £70.00 for six months

• Premium package at £127.00 for one year

The providers claim that the above packages allow you to run their services on many devices, but do not clarify the number.

  1. OnlineIPTVPro

Look no further if you are searching for an IPTV provider that offers you over 900 channels and over 30,000 movies and TV shows in HD quality, and a solid VOD line-up along with an effective, yet simple EPG experience. Although the service is excellent, I found that some channels load slowly and some do not load at all, but I am not complaining about this. This team too is a new entrant to the IPTV scene and has quickly gained a solid reputation. It is the best provider of sports channels. The best part about this provider is their uptime, which allows you to stream your preferred channels all the time. You can stream their IPTV on up to four devices, but a chat with their customer support revealed that all of the devices must be on the same IP. However, I did not face any issue in using different IPs. They offer all popular US, UK, and Canada channels plus channels from other countries such as Denmark, Germany, UAE, and much more. This provider claims compatibility with all devices. They only offer a single subscription plan that costs $25 per month. They also offer a 3-day free trial.

  1. IPTV Subscription

It is not possible to please everyone with a single IPTV service. Some are searching for exotic international channels while others are looking for live TV from the United Kingdom. Certain individuals want IPTV just for viewing VoD content. Providing excellent quality and provide all of these requirements is extremely tough, and most providers fail on this front. This is where this provider stands apart from the rest. They aim to provide English TV for the entire family. This implies that you do not have to waste time going through different channels to find your favorite one. This provider offers 700+ channels covering adult content, sports, movies, and kids-centric from Canada, UK, and the US along with 20k+ VoD titles. Plus & play ready for three devices. Support is available through online chat or by filling up their online form. Available on ROKU and Android Box. The different packages offered include:

• 1 month subscription at $18.99

• 3 months subscription at $49.99

• 6 months subscription at $94.99

They also offer a one day free trial.

  1. Sportz TV IPTV

This provider is a solid contender for those searching for a provider that offers a variety of different channels. Robust EPG experience, consistent uptime, and HD quality. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with channel unavailability and buffering issues, but these issues often get fixed quickly. It is one of the rare providers that stays online even during major industry-wide disasters. They offer lots of channels from Canada, the UK, and the US plus some international ones from Turkey, Germany, and some other European countries. This provider is the best for sports fanatics. This IPTV provider supports all types of devices. The different packages offered include:

• One month subscription with connection to two devices at $9.95 per month

• One month subscription with connection to three devices at $14.95 per month

• One month subscription with connection to four devices at $19.95 per month

  1. The Players Klub

Those wanting to subscribe to a budgetary provider should check out this provider. It boasts of a good list of channels that are equal to the more expensive providers. You will also find all premium movie channels from the UK and the US. Sports lovers will love this channel for the diversity of sports channels it offers. This company also provides all typical Canada and US cable channels along with some UK channels too. They boast of 200 shows and over 3000 VoD movies. In terms of streaming reliability and quality, this provider holds up well. Available on ROKU and Android Box, it offers a single subscription that costs $8 per month.


Make no mistake, this provider is a strong contender for the top slot. I tried hard to find any flaws with their services, albeit unsuccessfully. It offers everything you would expect from a professional IPTV provider at a reasonable price. It offers instant account activation through their professional online dashboard and portal. You no longer need to wait 24 hours for your account to be activated. The sole disappointment is that they do not offer VoD. Had they offered it, they could have easily moved to the top position. All of the above features along with excellent support staff makes this provider stand apart from the rest. Available on Android Box and IPTV Box. The different monthly packages offered include:

• UK Helix which includes 3PM and PPV €7.00

• CA/US Helix which includes regional local channels and regional Fox and NBC sports channels, 3PM, and PPV €7.00

• Single Helix: Canada, the US, and the UK €9.50

• Double Helix: Canada, the US, the UK, and international channels €10.50

  1. Comstar IPTV

If you are looking for a way to watch your favorite TV channels online then Comstar is the solution. They provide the same number of VoD content and live premium TV channels to subscribers all over the world. The company offers four subscription packages and a free one. You will receive an email on completing the signup process that contains your login details along with other information such as links to download apps. It has support for all devices. I could easily access it from my Android smartphone, Windows PC, and Amazon Firestick. The package boasts of 9,000 movies, 7,300 global channels from 50+ countries, SD & HD channels. You can save channels and VoD to the favorites section. The different packages offered include:

• One month subscription for $14.99

• Three months subscription for $29.99

• Six months subscription for $49.99

• Annual subscription for $79.99

  1. Snap IPTV

This is yet another reliable and reasonably priced subscription based streaming provider. Depend on it to watch your favorite news channels, sports events, TV shows, and movies from around the world. They boast of a mind-boggling 7000+ SD & HD channels. I loved the amazing compatibility of this service. You only need an internet connection to get service straight on your device. I was bowled over by the excellent service of the support team available round the clock. With over 9000 movies and 7000+ channels, Snap IPTV is a solid contender. You can find the best channels from all around the world. Be it reality TV, sports, weather, news, or movies... Snap IPTV has you covered. The provider offers a one day free trial pack too. They only support one device per connection. The different packages offered include:

• 7 days premium service for $5.00

• One month premium service for $11.00

• 3 month premium service for $25.00

• 6 month premium service for $45.00

• One year premium service for $85.00

  1. Necro IPTV

It has been nearly three years since this IPTV provider started offering its services, and it has already gained a huge user base. Whether you can't get enough drama, have kids to entertain, or love premium sports, IPTV has something for everybody. I was amazed to see that this provider included all pay TV channels in their bundle. If you have any doubts about its quality, avail of their three days trial offer. They offer various subscription plans, all of which have the same package, the only difference is the validity. The provider offers 3,000 high definition channels and over 100 porn channels. EPG is included with the price and you can use two different devices with one plan, except the trial one, in which you can only use one device. The different packages offered include:

• Three days trial plan costs €3.99

• One month subscription plan costs €1199

• One year subscription plan costs €79.99

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