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I. What Content Will Be Stored In The Vault?

First, to choose a safe , you must determine the types of goods that will be stored there. Indeed, the term safe encompasses products for a variety of uses. For example, it can be used to protect important documents (property deeds, commercial contracts, pay slips, invoices, insurance documents), computer backups , weapons , high insurable assets (jewelery, cash), or keys. Establish a list of objects and goods.

II. What Type Of Protection For Your Property?

  • Protection Against Theft:

The safes used to shelter theft and prying eyes papers or property.

Best Gun Safe

  • Fire Paper:

The safes fireproof (that is to say that protect in case of fire) stand out for the duration of their protection papers, usually between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

  • Anti-Fire For Computer Data:

Digital media are sensitive to any variation in temperature. In order to protect them, they should be stored in a flameproof cabinet suitable for computer products.

Best Gun Safe
  • Deposit Protection Fund:

The safes deposits for removal of cash and packages without opening the chest through opening door, drawers or a slot piggy bank . The trunk key may then be located outside the trunk room. In case of robbery, the employee is thus protected because he does not have access to the contents of the safe.

  • Protection Of Weapons:

Rules of different countries obliges the holders of weapons of the 1st and 4th categories to store them in a safe or a strong cabinet for weapons or rifles . In all cases and regardless of the categories of weapons, as a precautionary measure, it is very important to store them in a safe in order to avoid any accidents with children.

III. What Size To Choose For Your Safe?

The size of a vault or strong cabinet is defined according to the objects you want to store.

For example, storing computer data will not take up as much room as storing many workbooks. Think also that over the years, you will probably have new assets to secure. So plan a volume of safe enough to meet your needs over a long period. The safes mini (less than 30 liters) have the advantage of being discreet and not to attract prying eyes. They can easily be hidden in a cabinet

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IV. What Type Of Lock For Your Safe?

  • Key Lock: The safes with key lock are very simple to use and reliable. 2 keys are supplied with each chest.
  • Electronic Lock: The electronic locks open thanks to a combination of numbers known only to the owner. The combination is programmable. A safety key is provided with some safes in case the combination is forgotten.
  • Key Lock And Counting Tubes: Key locks with 4 counting tubes allow a double security because they require to have the key and to know the right combination. The 4 counting tubes with 20 numbers each allow up to 160,000 combinations.
  • Disk Lock: Safes with disc locks are designed for high security. They open by making a series of numbers corresponding to turns of wheel. Various models are available. Some types of locks are required by insurers and offer enhanced security in the event of break-ins.

V. What Type Of Pose For Your Safe?

Before choosing the room where you want to install your safe , also consider the type of fixing you can set up. Indeed, if your safe must protect your property in case of break-in, it would be a shame if the burglars snatched it and carried it with them easily.

  • Wall -Mounted Safe : The wall safes are fixed on a wall of concrete of a good thickness imperatively. They have holes in the back.
  • Floor-Mounted Safe: If the trunk can not be fixed to the wall or if your walls are not strong enough, you will need to secure the floor to the safe . To ensure optimum fixing, the safe must be secured to a high-density concrete substrate.
  • Built-In Safe: The safes to be enclosed are very discreet and can easily be concealed behind a piece of furniture. The choice of the safe will be defined according to the depth of the wall.