Best Electric Hand Planers Of 2019

To wrap things up, we will say once more that the benefits to finding the best hand planer outweighs any difficulties in doing so. We know that by using our guide you will come across a tool that will suit your particular needs. Remember that there is no perfect tool for every job. The top rated electric hand planer is often what is available. Grabbing the best electric planer means that it will always be available when you need it. A great handheld planer is reliable, powerful, compact, and capable. We hope that you take this guide as a jumping off point. With the right amount of reading, digesting, and browsing you will find the best electric hand planer in no time through our power planer reviews. Just to add additional thoughts.....I'm toying with the idea of making a flip-down station where I can secure long/wide boards on the base, and run a router on some fences along the top of the board to make 2 level co-planar grooves, and then secure some type of runners in the grooves. Run the board through the planer with the runners as the 'bottom'. This method would help with really long boards, where some jointers suffer; would keep the blade guard on my jointer; and would avoid having to deal with a long heavy sled.

The Truth About Planer Snipe

Planer snipe is a common phenomenon with almost all planers and its one truth one cannot run away from. It will always be around and I am quite sure almost all who use wood have experienced this on several occasions. But if not, then either you have never been keen or never bothered to find out if snipe does exist. Not to worry though because it isn’t a huge factor. People make a huge fuss about it but snipe is so minor that the average individual doesn’t need to know. If you really want to find out then running a finger over the board or shinning light at an angle can help determine snipe. Once the slab is acclimated and to rough size it is time to build a planing sled. A planing sled is basically a set of rails that are co-planer and a bridge that holds a router so that the bit in the router can cut a flat surface without following the highs and lows of the slab. Because I don't work with slabs all that often, I build my planing sleds out of MDF. Once I'm done flattening the slab, I'll find other uses for the MDF such as making jigs. When the next slab project comes along, I'll just build another sled. Click here when and how to use a hand planer download a PDF drawing of the sled I built.