Best Bear is all about understated indie-rock, ethereal dream-pop textures, and heartfelt lyrics.

At times lush and oneiric, at others raw and unapologetic, the band's songs feel like a genuine portrait of the member's life-long love of music. However, there is also an inclusive, community-driven element at play. Connecting with the audience and other artists drives the mindset of the band, which proudly identifies with the LGBTQIA+ community and values.

Best Bear has released two well-received singles over the past few years, but the musicians in the band have continued to perfect their chemistry as a unit. They're now set to release their first-ever full-length album "When", which will undoubtedly be another milestone in the band's discography and musical journey.

Fans of artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, The Beths, Soccer Mommy, or Pinegrove should definitely tune in!



"Gaslighter” is the first preview from Best Bear’s debut album ... Judging by their presence and fan base already established in the city, Best Bear’s upcoming release will cause a local stir. Fans of fellow scenesters Riverby and Puppy Angst as well as New Zealand indie rockers The Beths will want to give the new record a spin." - WXPN

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