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Since 2013, we have pioneered advancements in solar lighting, aimed at delivering solutions that are not only thoughtful and efficient but also environmentally friendly. Our journey began with solar lighting systems, and since then, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to continuous research and development. Over the years, our products have undergone significant enhancements in waterproofing and stability, achieving an impressive IP64 rating. This ensures they maintain reliability even in challenging weather conditions, such as rain and wind.

Our versatile range of solar lighting solutions caters to a diverse clientele both domestically and internationally. Our products are trusted in various settings including airports, railway stations, universities, state-owned enterprises, large industrial parks, prestigious five-star hotels, gas stations, residential areas, and more. They are designed to meet the stringent demands of different environments, providing dependable illumination where it's needed most.

In addition to our robust industrial and commercial applications, we also offer elegant solar fairy lights that add charm and ambience to outdoor spaces. These solar fairy lights are perfect for creating enchanting atmospheres in gardens, patios, and events, combining sustainability with aesthetic appeal. Our commitment extends to making these products accessible worldwide through our online platform, ensuring that everyone can benefit from high-quality solar outdoor lighting solutions.

Discover how our innovative solar lighting solutions can illuminate your surroundings efficiently and sustainably, whether for everyday use or special occasions. Join us in embracing the future of outdoor lighting powered by the sun.

 Our Services

solar light

Solar lights use sunlight to charge batteries, providing eco-friendly, wireless illumination for outdoor areas. 

indoor lighting

Indoor lighting includes fixtures and bulbs used inside buildings to provide artificial light for daily activities. 

outdoor lighitng 

Outdoor lighting illuminates exterior spaces like gardens, walkways, and streets, enhancing safety and aesthetics. 

smart lighiting

Smart lighting systems use wireless technology to control lights remotely, offering convenience and energy efficiency. 

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