Best Pickleball Paddle for Spin 2020

Pickleball is an exciting combination of Ping Pong, Tennis, and Badminton. It has gained popularity both as a sport and as a recreational activity. All you need is a pickleball net, paddle, and a perforated plastic ball, and you are good to go. Players need to learn how to spin the ball skillfully so that they can get the upper hand on their opponents.

Paddle will be your weapon of choice in this game. Therefore you should look for the best quality as it has an essential role in the way you play the game.

Let us look at our top picks.

Engage Encore Pro Pickle Ball Paddle

The Engage Encore Pro Pickle Ball is a favorite among pickleball players because of its quality and performance. It is packed with features that give an edge over the game.

This Encore paddle ball is perfect for beginners, intermediate players, and professional players as well. It is made with Polypropylene and an extra Polymer cover, which deadens sound. The skin technology used in this paddle enables it to have more contact with the ball. When the paddle holds more contact with the ball even for a slight second, it gives more power to the player to swing the ball.

The grip size is perfect for beginners and intermediate players, but it also works wonders for professional players as they can generate more force. The medium grip size does not cause wrist and hand fatigue that happens with constant use.

The company provides a 30-day cash back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the performance. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty against any defect and a 5-year warranty for any dead spots in the paddle.

The Engage Encore Pro Paddle is filled with technological advancements that make it worth every penny. Tried and tested by professional players, this paddle ball from Engage provides tournament-level performance.


· Maximum control and better spin.

· Prevents hand and wrist fatigue.

· Improved ball placement.

· Medium size grip.

· Perfect for all levels – beginner, intermediate, and Pro.

· Reduces noise.


· Need to get adjusted to the weight of the paddle.

· Price is a little high for beginners.

Prolite Rebel PowerSpin Pickleball Paddle

As the name suggests, Prolite Rebel, this pickleball paddle is for those who want to play the game with tremendous speed and enhanced power. It is for those players who do not like 'fitting in.'

Some of its stand-out features include Prolite's SpinTac technology used on its surface that is made of composite fiberglass. This surface enables the player to create spin and ball-roll on the pickleball. The paddle is also protected by Prolite's standard edge guard, which is both aerodynamic and durable.

The core of the Prolite Rebel is made with the polypropylene honeycomb material that can absorb shocks. This feature makes it easy to hit hard with this paddle creating winning shots. With its 16” long build, it creates extra leverage and enough whip to connect more with the ball.

The Prolite Rebel is perfect for players who are used to playing tennis as the handle of the paddle is designed like a tennis racket. The handle is covered with Prolite’s Comfort Contour Grip that molds according to your grip and gives you more control over the paddle. This feature makes Prolite Rebel as the best Pickleball paddle grip as it is very comfortable during long matches.


· Polypropylene core absorbs shock.

· Composite Fiberglass surface creates more spin.

· Long paddle for more power.

· Prolite Contour grip for comfort.


· Narrow design.

· Little bulky for beginners.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickle Ball Paddle

The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro gives unmatched power and accuracy. The textured graphite surface and Graphite composite polymer core give extraordinary control over the ball.

This paddle has Smart Response Technology, which leads to improved forgiveness and accuracy. The Tempest Wave Pro has a velvet-textured poly surface that creates better spin every time you hit the ball.

This light to medium weight paddle is strong enough to create winning shots and raise your performance bar. A consistent sweet spot on contact with the ball adds finesse to your game, and the balanced weight makes it easy to maneuver the shots.

The Tempest Wave Pro has a 5.5" handle, which is pretty long and a surface width of 8," which makes it a perfect choice for people of all shapes and sizes. These dimensions enable more comfort, even while playing quick and tricky shots.


· The Smart Tempest Technology Core.

· Long handle and wide surface.

· Multiple grip options.

· Textured Poly surface for more spin.


· Expensive.

· The stiff top quarter of the handle may not be comfortable for beginners.

How to choose the Best Pickleball Paddle for Spin

Pickleball is a combination of tennis, table tennis and badminton.

To be the best in any game, you need the right gear. In Pickleball, you need to have the right paddle to create enough spin for those mind-blowing shots.

Here is a buyer's guide to choosing the best paddle.

· Surface Material

Players look for more spin in games, which has made manufacturers develop spin control technology to add more spin. Some examples are Liquid Graphite from Engage or SpinTac Fiberglass from Prolite.

The liquid graphite used by Engage adds more texture on the surface, which leads to more spin while the SpinTac Technology used by Prolite and Head in their paddles offers a composite surface with a quality polymer core.

Carbon fiber is another material that is favored for adding more spin, but it is costly and adds more weight to the paddle for powerful shots.

· Shape and Dimensions

The dimensions of the paddle ensures that you hit the sweet-spot at every shot. It has been found that a width of 8" and length of 15" is perfect for creating more contact with the ball.

But having a rectangular or long paddle gives you more area to cover if you are playing at the end of the court. And full surface gives you more power to play dink shots.

· Core material

The three types of core used in Pickleball paddles are Numex, Aluminum, and Polymer cores.

Numex cores are hard and give more control on the paddle, but create more noise.

Aluminum cores are small are make the paddle lightweight. This gives less power but more control over the paddle. But they also get dented easily.

Polymer cores have a larger honeycomb structure that gives more bounce and control. They also create less noise while playing.

· Grip size and length

To create more spin, you need to have a comfortable grip on the paddle. For an average adult, the right grip size is between 4.25” to 4.5”. It will vary according to your hand size and how you play the game. But the correct grip size will give you more power and control over the ball.


The right gear plays a crucial role in your quality of performance. Remember to keep all factors in mind before you choose a paddle. Your comfort and pace will matter a lot. It is always better to try a few paddles before deciding to buy the perfect pickleball paddle.