6 Best PDF to Excel Converters in Windows 10

The need of having an efficient tool does not come out as the need of a solution in creating a new file in different file formats but also one that can be relied on when it comes to converting these documents in various file formats.

Focusing on PDF to Excel file conversion, there is a lot of excellent and efficient converting tool that has proved itself to be of excellent service. This is what has led to this article that focuses only on the best PDF to Excel Converter.

TalkHelper PDF Converter (Recommended)

The market is full of unreliable software that brags about their ability to make PDF to XSL conversions with ease only to be disappointed with their complex user interfaces leaves most users disappointed. The TalkHelper PDF Converter is just a clear reflection of the best PDF to Excel Converter whose main attraction is those premium services it offers at very pocket-friendly prices.

The software comes as both a web server online converting tool that has a free trial and a paid desktop version. With every month having to pay only about twenty-nine dollars to enjoy a wide range of features. The output that it yields with every PDF conversion to successful editable Microsoft Excel file format.

The program brings the best layout and delivers even beyond the user’s expectations. The User Interface is nothing to be talked about as this top-notch converting software as it is among the easiest to navigate.

Able2Extract PDF to Excel Converter

The list of best PDF Converters cannot be complete without the recognition of the Able2Extrac PDF Converter. This is because of its unique features. The software allows its users to perform various editing functions including collecting survey data and arranging them in Excel sheets. There is this feature that also allows users to work on specified pages rather than working on the entire PDF files.

The graphic styles are in a whole new class as the programme retains all of its vector graphic styles as editable styles especially when dealing with file formats such as Excel. The Able2Extract converting tool is also recognized for its competent work in PDF file conversion as the output is generally the best.

Adobe Acrobat DC

Originality and accuracy are what this top converting program is associated with. The Adobe Acrobat PDF to Excel Converter is what we all know or a fact as the best PDF to Excel Converter by now. This can be attributed to its full features and a unique capability to perform its PDF to XLSX conversion tasks. The conversion process is usually fast and precise without calling for the need for reformatting by the user after the end of the converting process.

The software not only converts into a high quality output but also in spreadsheets that can be edited later on. The software is a paid application that comes in two versions that are all paid differently by the Operating System of your device.

Nitro Pro PDF to Excel Converter

When you refer to as the Nitro Pro as a seamless solution to all your converting needs, then you are not far from being mistaken. The only thing that you ought to add is it is the best PDF to Excel Converter. Looking at what it has to offer, that will explain why.

The Nitro Pro PDF to XLS Converter is a straightforward program that comes with a simple interface that any user will ever come across. The exciting bit about the User Interface is that it also comes with a backlog of new editing functions.

It is a cloud based application that allows its users to access it from any point via their smartphones, tablets or PC. Usually comes with a two weeks free trial period so as the User can familiarise with the software and have a taste of what to expect.

Soda PDF

Microsoft products have been with us for a long time and we have all come to be familiar with the interface they are delivered to us in. Soda PDF has always been pushing to give a familiar user interface so that getting started does not prove to be an obstacle at all.

Depending on the task at hand you can choose to extract only tables and text from a PDF file and export them to an Excel sheet. Alternatively, there is a mode where you can extract only tables and eventually saving them in standalone spreadsheets.

It does not end at that since there is a text-only mode that allows you to extract and export just text to give an editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. An OCR is available for implementation and high-quality output is guaranteed for all your PDF to XLSX conversions.

Cogniview Pdf2xl

With a built-in OCR feature, this is your ideal tool when you need to convert scanned PDFs and image-based PDF files into standalone and editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. It is by far one of the best PDF to Excel converter for Windows that is just exceptional in what it can achieve.

It has been attributed to be very convenient especially considering the little time it takes when converting PDF to XLS. Working fast does not at any one time compromise on the quality of output you get at the end.

This is because this PDF to XLSX converter programs strives to see to it that the overall formatting and layout of the original PDF is maintained. The hassle of editing and realigning content is now a thing of the past when you have Cogniview PDF2XL.


We end our list at that even though there is even more software out there that can convert PDF files to give editable Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Let the PDF to Excel conversion process no longer be a hassle or a headache at all with this boatload to choose from. Enjoy just the best in regards to PDF to XLS or PDF to XLSX conversion.

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