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To find a good contractor who is reliable and affordable

We get the question almost every day who is a good contractor instead (...) In itself we understand that and we also want to help. Yet it is not easy to name a few names of good contractors . Fortunately, there is another solution. Best GC Pros Greensboro NC

Requesting references when the price is right

You get the most assurance for a good reliable contractor by checking whether his previous customers are satisfied. This is by far the most important after the price comparison. View the contractor's quote

Good contractor

If you are looking for a good contractor who can grow for you, then you can certainly worry about that. Will that be fine and will it be really nice? More importantly: is not he going to pay me too much for the renovation? And those questions are more than justified because it is not always good between a client (because that's what you do) and a person who executes it.

Good contractor Greensboro

The question about Amsterdam contractors we get the most but it is the same for every place. Therefore, a checklist for finding a contractor in every location in the Netherlands and Belgium. Contractors change over time and it is important to get the current status at that contractor. Is the company healthy now, are the people who work now good and do they have time? A reference of six months ago can already be quite old.

Costs to renovate

We not only give advice about the costs of renovating but also about looking for a contractor for a nice renovation. The costs of the renovation are not only determined by the materials and the man hours. The degree of efficient work and how hard a contractor wants to work for you is also decisive for the final costs. And does he send you a peppered extra work note for every small adjustment or not?

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Another reason why it is difficult to call a contractor is because, in addition to the price and offered, it is often a bond of trust that you build with such a contractor. And whether you want it or not: you can also better suit contractor A while someone else can handle B better. And this story does not have to be very black and white to read but we give a few examples in which we do to make it clearer.

Checklist contractor

So this is an article about looking for a contractor and although we will not mention names of contractor and also have no ready-made solution, we can give some guidance.

Find good contractor

Because let's be honest: you can spend just such a large amount once every 5, 10 or more years. That is why it may not be the best thing to do, but it is useful to spend some time on it. So we're starting.

Insurance refurbishment

Via Bouwgarant you can insure yourself your renovation and we always recommend to do this as well. People regularly ask what the use is, because it costs money. Yes, it is true that it costs you money and the outcome is never the way you want to. Because if things go wrong you have quite a lot of hassle (despite the renovation guarantee) but if it goes well then you thought it was a waste of your money ... View our interview with Rob de Groot about the Bouwgarantie to see what you have to offer .


We started with renovation costs to help with the renovation, the cost of renovation and almost everything can be found here on the website. That is why there are many messages and experiences with contractors. So with that information you (hopefully) know a bit more about choosing a renovation or choosing between new window frames or just the new roof insulation with a new dormer .

Choice of contractor

You can also find information about selecting a contractor in various places on this site. You can even get help for a renovation with an architectural inspection , constructor or architect .

Word of mouth advertising contractor

The best contractor is the contractor that the whole city or the whole village talks about. That is often true but not always. A number of questions you can ask yourself and the contractor are the following.


The planning of a contractor is something completely different. If you have found a good contractor that you have selected with the tips above, the planning can be discussed. Here we make a separate paragraph because the planning of a renovation is quite difficult. In addition, the contracting company is unfortunately still not very good at making hard agreements. 'It will be okay', 'Do not worry about your vision' and we hear a lot of similar statements when we ask clarity about the planning. And if you do not think the planning is important then you can also agree with this. Our experience is that the price and references do not say everything. The certainties about, among other things, the planning on paper is also important.


So there are a number of things to look at when selecting a contractor and delivering a renovation. Consider, among other things, the following points

What you always have to pay attention to

The extra work is also such a point of attention when making an agreement with a good contractor. You want to have as much clarity as possible about the renovation, the costs of the renovation and the conditions. The additional work is the costs that have not yet been budgeted and that are not planned. Nevertheless, there is a lot to be said about additional work before the renovation. What is the extra cost of an extra m² of stucco work? And what is the price of a completely new roof if it turns out that it is too bad to renovate? If you have some more certainty in advance about these additional prices (the additional work) then you start the renovation a little bit quieter.


These questions and more are in our offere control model that is available free of charge. By constantly improving it and processing the new tips, it becomes more complete and therefore better. In this checklist for choosing a contractor or other handyman or supplier, attention points are on 7 main parts.