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You should know this: five common mistakes during an expansion

Of course something can always go wrong, but that does not mean that you have to step back into the pitfalls known to us . If you are prepared for the five points below, it is guaranteed to be easier to complete an expansion successfully.

In any case, it is important, regardless of whether you outsource everything or not, that you will also be covered in the conversation with the contractor. In this case too, it is important to go through the unrelated five points.

(Not) applying for the right permit: the environmental permit

The construction of an extension may not always be permit-free. Whether you need to apply for a permit depends on your municipality. Different rules may apply for each place and sometimes even for each district. However, we can state that in general a permit is not required if the expansion remains within the maximum depth of 2.5 meters. The extension may not be placed on the front or street side of your house anyway. If the expansion takes place behind your house, you do not need to apply for a permit. The most important thing to know is that you should contact your municipality as soon as possible. The application often takes six to twelve weeks.

Do not save on the material

Always try to think about the long term when expanding, also when purchasing the materials. An extension is something that you want to enjoy in the long term. So do not save on necessary materials, but choose materials that the professional also wants to work with. So, for example, do not save on insulation. A cheap insulation saves initially, but in the long run you save when you use a higher insulation value, because you can save on the heating costs. The investment is thus earned back again.

In addition, you do not want the roof to leak after a number of years. By choosing high-quality roofing you prevent future leaks. At the bottom of this page we have listed all the necessary materials (including price) for an expansion for you. This way you can be sure that you get the right materials.

Choose the right contractor to collaborate with

It is often the case that the, on paper, cheapest contractor can be started without too much thought. This can turn out well, but we regularly see that this unfortunately does not turn out well. A contractor will come to your floor for weeks, so choose a contractor who thinks along with you and with whom you are aligned.

Make no mistake in logistics

It is a good step to order all the materials yourself for the development, nevertheless we still see that they are mistaken in logistics. For a larger extension, more material is needed than for a small extension, but in general 25,000 kilos of material is needed. This amount of material is not easy to move with a single wheelbarrow. Take this into account. It is therefore, for example, also more sensible to have the material delivered instead of collecting it yourself.

In addition, it is unwise to order material in various places, perhaps this is cheaper, but this can also cause logistical problems. For example if one material is already there, but the other is not yet.

Use a realistic budget

It is useful to work with a budget for an expansion. Unfortunately, however, we often see that the budget is not realistic. In retrospect, the expansion appears to have cost more than planned. Try to include items in the budget such as the costs of the architect and the permits. The costs for the decoration and furniture of the expansion are also part of the budget.

What does a total expansion cost on average?

An expansion costs on average between € 20,000 and € 30,000. A smaller construction can probably be realized for less than € 20,000. This is exclusive of engaging an architect and excluding any emergencies or delays, but including the costs of the contractor, material etc.

What does an expansion cost if you order the materials online yourself

If you manage the materials yourself, you can save up to 30% of the total costs. An average expansion requires around 25,000 kilos of material, on average, a price of around € 10,000 will be compared to this. For this amount you have delivered all materials at home (or on location). Do you want to know how much you would lose on building materials? Then use the attachment calculator

The big advantage of online ordering is that we work with a lowest price guarantee . This means that you can not buy the materials cheaper anywhere else. In addition, there is also a discount, the more is ordered, the lower the unit price of the material. This way you are guaranteed the lowest price for your material and therefore the lowest price for your expansion. In addition, it can also be delivered faster. It takes a considerable amount of time before contractors have already purchased the material. If you choose to order online yourself, the materials will be delivered on location within 5 working days.