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Points To Consider Before Hiring A Contractor

How To Find a Good Contractor

Would you like to renovate or renovate your new home first? Then a contractor can be useful. He is responsible for the entire project. Handy, but also risky. He can, after all, make or break the renovation. How do you find a good contractor and how do you prevent problems?

What does a contractor do?

Do you want to expand your new home with for example a conservatory or dakkapel or a new kitchen, then you can engage a contractor.

A contractor is responsible for the total project. That is his job and you pay him for it. So you can appeal to him if something goes wrong, for example when the renovation is delayed or if you are dissatisfied with the painter.

A good contractor takes all your 'hassle' out of your hands.

Where can you find a good contractor?

You entrust a contractor with a big job. Ask friends and acquaintances if they can recommend a contractor. View the results with them. Although not a watertight guarantee, it gives more certainty than hiring a total unknown.

Hiring a personal acquaintance is not recommended. This can go wrong due to expectations that are not fulfilled or agreements that are not clear.

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Through a trade association

Choose a contractor who is affiliated with a trade association (Bouwgarant or Woningborg). This offers more guidance in, for example, differences of opinion about quality. Such a contractor is affiliated with the Disputes Committee . If he goes bankrupt, another affiliated contractor will take over. You also have more guarantees after delivery.


Unlike a painter, handyman or plumber, you usually do not pay a contractor per hour, but you pay a 'contract price' for the entire job.

Because every renovation is different, standard prices are difficult to give. Overall you have to think of an hourly rate of € 30 to € 50. Here are costs for material, hiring of craftsmen, permits etc.

You can reduce costs by doing some parts of the job yourself, for example stripping and demolishing or finishing (painting, wallpapering).

Do not pay large amounts in advance. At most, for example, 10% at the start of the project.

Request and assess offers

Always request at least 3 offers. First go through your renovation wishes verbally with the contractors. As a layman you often do not know exactly what all (im) possibilities are. Record your wishes on paper with your quote request.

Sometimes a contractor asks for money for a quote. He must point this out in advance (orally or in writing), but it does not hurt to ask for it.

Make clear agreements

Record all appointments on paper. Do not expect that you have discussed everything. There will always be choices to be made.

Agree that the contractor will always discuss additional work with you in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. Also record the agreements that you make about this on paper.

Vereniging Eigen Huis has drawn up a job contract that you can use if your contractor is not affiliated to a branch organization.


  • Take a look at the 'building site' regularly. This way you can easily adjust if necessary.
  • Also record everything that has been agreed upon after the assignment.
  • Have the delivery recorded in writing in an official report of completion.
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When problems occur

If you are dissatisfied with the work done, report this immediately. You can then immediately agree on how, and within what reasonable period of time, the shortcomings will be remedied.

If you are not satisfied on delivery, keep a part of the payment, for example 5 or 10%. This puts more pressure on the contractor to quickly rectify it.

In case of complaints or problems always contact the contractor first. If you do not agree with him, you can call in the Disputes Committee for Alterations and New Construction within 3 months . The entrepreneur must then be affiliated with this.

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