Best Free VPS Hosting Services 2018

Top VPS Hosting Providers

  1. InterServer

InterServer is one of the top VPS providers available. Allowing for a private IPv6 protocol that lets you achieve secure communication, this VPS is a powerful tool that networks one connection to the other, keeping data private. A private network such as the one through inter server lets you set up IP address spaces that are set for standards according to home, office, and other private areas.

InterServer provides Windows and Cloud VPS for $10 per month, as well as Linux Cloud VPS for $6 per month. You’ll gain access to a number of features including one full terabyte of transfer capacity, 25GB, storage, 1GB memory, and 1 CPU core.

The company has a one cent VPS signup offer. This is the best way to basically get free VPS hosting for your first month of service.

In addition, InterServer provides the ability to supply hundreds of cloud apps on your VPS, a control panel that is simple to use and intuitive, and software you need to maintain accurate and successful service. The company also provides a number of other great features including a 99% uptime guarantee, snapshots and backups, many language servers for perl, python, ruby, and Mysql, as well as high performance storage and instant provisioning. No matter what your needs, InterServer will be able to cover you, no problems or questions asked.

2. A2Hosting

A2Hosting is our second choice of VPS, which provides numerous locations, upgrades, and storage capacity. Offering number of plans including a starter plan for $5 monthly, the program gives you 20GB storage, a single CPU, 512 RAM, and 2 TB in bandwidth. You’ll also find that A2 is better as a developer yourself, or if you’re a system administrator familiar with how VPS works.


Hostwinds is another great solution for small businesses and enterprise networks. Offering a number of VPS solutions including a budget virtual private server, Hostwinds is a great choice for nightly backups, full management, instant setup, and round the clock tech support. The company also provides SSD Windows and Linux VPS, as well as premium VPS options for those in need of a powerful dedicated solution.

Hostwinds provides full round the clock customer service that is helpful, reliable, and friendly; cutting edge hardware with more than 4 TB storage, 128GB ram, and 32core AMD processors, as well as software options that are flexible with full root access to allow you to customize and set ups ny needed software on your account.

4. Hostgator VPS

For a scalable environment, dedicated functionality and control, Hostgator offers three plans: Snappy 2000, with $20 per month as the price tag; Snappy 4000, with a $30 per month price tag, and Snappy 8000, which costs $40 per month and allows you to have 3 tb bandwidth, 240gb disk space, and 4 core CPUs. In addition, this plan is best in general for those who need a dedicated small business or long-term management solution.

In addition, Hostgator provides a VPS with full support for Python, perl, php, and ruby, as well as free IPTables firewall support. You will find that the company provides safe harbor certification, CentOS Linux with root access for 64-bit system, sand an optional WHM control panel with Apache web servers. Each plan includes free reseller domain accounts, fifty different scripts added free that you can install in just a short time with a few clicks of the mouse, and a free domain, website, and script transfer over your VPS plan.

Hosting Terminology

A VPS or virtual private server is a server hosted on a remote location through provider such as Hostgator, InterServer, or Hostwinds. Allowing you to quickly upgrade your VPS, this solution is often best for users who need to install better software and upgrade your hosting environment quickly as your user base grows.

Fully managed servers are those that are provided with complete control panels and options to allow users complete control over their configuration. Semi-managed servers only allow basic operating systems, configuration support, and basic hardware setup — though they do not have hosting control panels included.

Bandwidth is the amount of traffic that can be supported in terms of upload and download speeds for your server, while site backups are copies of your content made in case of outages or power failures.

Selection Tips

Choosing the best VPS is largely a matter of how much space you need, how comfortable you are configuring the network on your own, and how well you are able to pay for up front costs as your business grows. For example, you don’t need a top-end $40 per month VPS from Hostgator if a free solution through InterServer will work better. For this reason, it makes sense to choose a server based on affordability, customer service, and your own long-term business plans in terms of how you plan to scale up your network over the long-term.

To choose the best VPS, start by making a list of features you’ll need, such as space, scalability requirements, and your own long term business plan. Additionally, rank your selected providers by cost, overall reliability and reputation, and the amount of data provided through each plan over time.


Choosing the right VPS is best done through InterServer, our #1 pick of VPS. If that one doesn’t work, you can try A2Hosting or Hostwinds — and last of all, Hostgator. As part of a premium suite of services, InterServer ultimately takes the cake for free VPS hosting, since their introductory plan lets you sign up and get your first full month of service entirely free. In addition, this company is backed by a reputation for customer satisfaction, making them a safe and secure choice.