Is It Better To Bathe Dogs Indoors Or Outdoors?

There are different opinions on the best way to bathe a dog. Different owners have different tricks to get the best results and best behavior from their pets. There is plenty to consider about products, bath tubs and training processes. However, there is one other area of discussion that pet owners can’t overlook. Where should you bathe your dog?

Some like to do so in the bathroom

This seems like the most logical place to get clean and throw a little water around. Some will use the bathtub, while others will set up a dog bathtub on the floor. There are benefits here in that the room is built to handle these needs, with waterproofing, plumbing and access to the right products. The downside is that this might not be that comfortable for the dog. It is possible to condition dogs to get more used to the bathroom, by bringing in comfort items, toys and treats. Still, there may be a better option for dogs that really aren’t keen. The great thing about these portable dog grooming tubs is that they don’t have to stay in the bathroom.

Some will prefer to use them in the kitchen

This is a room more familiar to the dog, so they might be more comfortable being bathed here. They know that this is a room where they can get a lot of positive attention – usually in the form of food. Therefore, they may be more compliant here, but may also expect plenty of tasty treats. There is little to worry about if there is enough space and a water resistance floor. You can set up a dog bath tub with the right water connections close at hand. The best tubs will have the same strength and reliability as a normal tub. The best for the kitchen will also have a shelf for products, a splash guard, a restraint and a non-slip surface.

Others like to bathe their dogs outside

The third option is to take bath time outside. This has its benefits as it means that a dirty, wet pet won’t mess up the home. They can move around in the water and walk with muddy paws and it doesn’t matter. This is particularly useful with large breeds, especially those that wont fit in the tub with ease. They can be washed under a hose or tap, shampooed and dried off via combination of the best dog stroller and dryer and the sun. This isn’t so good for smaller dogs. Smaller dogs in dog baths may not have this luxury, as the plumbing connections and drains may not extend this far. They may also get a little chilled when wet outside.

The best approach ultimately depends on the breed of dog and their preferences. Dogs of different sizes and coat types will have different needs when it comes to washing and drying them. Some dogs will love being in the human bathtub, provided there are plenty of toys. Others do better in the kitchen. Try different approaches and don’t assume that there is only one way to bathe a dog.