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We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in New York City, New York. We are approved!

Finding the right criminal defense attorney for yourself of a loved one can be extremely difficult. It is also one of the most important things you will ever have to do, especially when fighting felony charges. Finding a criminal defense attorney that you can trust with your life is absolutely paramount.

We are an advocate for the accused and are charged with protecting our client’s interests. We work to ensure the truth is sought and the law is upheld. We work towards getting amicable negotiations and trial wins.

Call or email us today! We are here to help you! We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC.

What Makes Us THE BEST Criminal Defense Lawyers?

There are four key qualities that make us THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC. Those qualities are: investigation, negotiation, legal defense and trial wins. Great defense lawyers, like ourselves, create our own defense for the client. We begin any negotiations early in the case to save on time and stress for the client. Legal defenses take time to develop and the difference between success and failure in a case is very fragile. If you are in need of THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC, call or email us today!

We Investigate EVERY Detail!

Investigation is of the utmost importance in all cases, the more, the better. Usually in criminal defense cases, the police have been investigating and building a case for weeks or months, sometimes years. This puts the criminal defense lawyer once step behind when they are handed the case for defense. We go above and beyond in our investigations, looking to discover any and all information on the case. Especially looking to discover anything the police might have missed and witnesses or evidence that can contradict the police reports against the client. Being able to discover that evidence to support the defense is what makes us THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC.

We Negotiate THE BEST Deals!

Negotiation has to be our strong point as criminal defense lawyers. We need to figure out what is deserved by our client and the strength of the case we can present. If we can present a strong case, there is less likelihood of conviction for our client it the case proceeds to a trial. As THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC, we will learn everything there is to know about our client in order to negotiate the best deal for them. Our job is to create doubt for the prosecutor. We do this by finding inconsistencies in police reports and challenging anything we deem unreliable, thus highlighting any weakness in the prosecutor’s case against our client.

Most prosecutors are searching for a resolution that provides consequences for actions and justice for victims. Part of our job as THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC is to also negotiate with our client to get them to agree with those two items. Sometimes a short-term inconvenience protects long-term harm in negotiating a deal for our client. Our job is to protect our client’s life and future. If there are deals on the table, it is good to present all options rather than go directly to court, saving time, money and stress for all parties involved.

We Present THE STRONGEST Legal Defense!

A great legal defense includes reading the discovery, and knowing and reading the law absolutely. We can find errors in police reports and challenge the paperwork submitted. We can challenge the quality of any police interaction and interrogations. Strong legal defense teams, such as ours, put a lot of pressure on the prosecution. This pressure can improve deal and plea offers made to our clients. For example, clients that might have received an offer of jail time may receive a downgrade to a probation offer if we put enough pressure on the prosecution and showing them their case could fall through. A great legal defense team, like ours, will provide victory or leverage for settlements. We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC and our legal defense team is well-versed in pressuring the prosecution.

We Win THE MOST Cases!

One of the best ways to find a great criminal defense attorney is to look at their trial wins. We win THE MOST cases! Not many lawyers will take the tough cases to trial. Trials are difficult and can last months which can add to their stress. Trials take a lot of preparation and attention to detail. Great defense lawyers, like us, prepare for weeks in advance prior to a felony trial. If there is even one tiny error at trial, it could be detrimental to the case. It is difficult for a defense lawyer to take on and win criminal jury trials, especially violent felony jury trials. A great criminal defense lawyer must be able to win if the case goes to trial.

If a case goes to jury trial, we assess how each juror will feel towards our client and the charges our client is facing. We will attempt to create a jury panel that will be sympathetic to our client. At trial, we will then present any and all evidence that can exonerate our client and create doubt in the jury’s mind towards the guilt of our client. This is why we are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC!

If the case goes to trial and we do not win, the consequences could be dire for our client. We keep that knowledge on hand, and that is why we do our due diligence to remain THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC and win THE MOST cases. Contact us today!

We Can Help You!

We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC – We are approved! Call us or email us today to review your case!

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, call or email us immediately. We can offer a consultation that will help explain the charges being brought up. We will also explain the defenses available, possible negotiation strategies and next steps if there is a conviction. If you or a loved one are facing a serious criminal charge, contact a reputable criminal defense attorney such as ourselves. We are skilled criminal defense attorneys, specializing in criminal law and ready to represent your case.

We will help you prepare for your case and for any pertinent legal issues relevant to your case. We will help identify and attend to any pretrial issues. We will issue motions to help improve your case and if we can, get the case dismissed. Our objective is to get you the best possible outcome in your case. Our client is our number one priority.

We can handle both state and federal law cases. We are highly experienced criminal defense attorneys with complex cases and cases requiring lengthy investigations and resources. We handle both routine criminal defense cases and specialty cases. We will put in the time and dedication to your case. We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC with a proven track record! We will help you achieve the best possible result for your case. We are approved! Call or email us today!

Let Us Lead Your Defense!

We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC! While you may feel like you understand the law and have a reasonable amount of law knowledge, we are exceptionally skilled at what we do and exceedingly knowledgeable. We will fight for the client’s best interest in the case. We have a deep understanding of the intricate and complex legal system. We are fully qualified and approved. We will establish a clear line of communication for your case and hold truth and honesty in the highest respect. We are bound by confidentiality, but need all of the fact of the case to fully represent you as our client. The sooner you contact us, then the more time we will have to prepare and research for your case.

Schedule a Consultation Today!

Call or email us to schedule a consultation immediately! Meet with us to analyze your case. We will listen to your case and review the details to decide if your case is a good match. Our goal is for a victory with the best possible outcome for our client. We will only take on your case if we can confidently get you the best outcome and resolution to your case. We will work closely with you to investigate, negotiate, defend and protect the truth at trial.

At consultation, we will go over every option and possible strategy for your case. The more information you bring to the consultation, the more accurately we can discuss strategies and outcomes. If agreeable, we will begin research and investigations immediately on your case. We are experienced and approved. We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC and have the highest level of experience.

Best Criminal Defense Attorney NYC

If you are accused of a crime in New York City, you want to hire the best criminal defense attorney in NYC. Look no further!You want the media to portray you professionally and accurately if it becomes a case that becomes represented nationally or even widely local. We can help you turn your profile around positively! We are the best criminal defense attorney in NYC and our resume of services and results reflects that. We have extensive experience and knowledge in every area of defense. We will practice multiple defense strategies and superior negotiation skills to win your case.

Why Hire Us?

We have the experience you need to represent your case professionally. We have experience representing both sides and in return we can think like a prosecutor. This helps us to be able to see both sides of the case and to play offense and defense for you in the courtroom. The best criminal defense attorney in NYCwill be one that was previously a prosecutor. We can handle criminal cases from all angles which gives you the strongest defense in your case. Knowing every angle that the prosecution will try to attack your case at gives us the ability to attack your case from within and know what the weak points are. We can then work to enforce you case and strengthen it against the prosecution.

If we take on your case, we will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will be ready and willing to answer any questions you have or help resolve any case issues that may arise at any time. We are the best criminal defense attorney in NYC. If you or a loved one is in need of a criminal defense attorney, call us today! We are nationally recognized as one of the top firms in the USA.

We will work tirelessly to protect your freedom and your future. We are aggressive and will fight tooth and nail non-stop to win your case. We have an exhaustive knowledge of the law and defense strategies. We will keep you involved throughout the entire defense process.We know the judicial system in NYC intimately and know how to navigate the system to get the results you need. Call the best criminal defense attorney in NYC today to represent your case!

We take our cases to heart and we live and breathe criminal law. We will fully engage ourselves into your case. Not only are we extremely experiences, we are also extremely dedicated to each and every case we take on. If you hire us, you will find the most dedicated lawyers to your case. We are motivated to continue our wins and keep our name as the best criminal defense attorney in NYC.

Our Pricing

Our rates will vary on the case load, and if you need to keep us on retainer for future issues. We offer free consultations to discuss your case and your options to move forward. The consultation is risk free and you are not obligated to hire us. It helps us to meet you and hear your side of the story to know if we will be able to represent you and be a good fit for your case. We will not accept or take on any case that we do not feel is a good match. If we move forward, pricing can be discussed after the initial consultation before we begin working on your case.Call the best criminal defense attorney in NYCtoday to schedule your free consultation.

Risk-Free Consultations

Schedule a risk-free consultation with the best criminal defense attorney in NYC! Our consultations are absolutely free to you, and you are in no way obligated to hire us afterwards. It will be entirely confidential. Even if you are currently in jail, we will meet you to discuss your case and consult at your location.

A consultation is not only a good way for us to meet and review your case, but also a great way for you to interview us as well. We will answer any of your questions while we get to know one another. We want you to feel absolutely comfortable with our practices before we move forward. Your utmost honesty in the case will be requestedand kept confidential. We require your honesty in order to know every detail of the case and the best strategies we will need to defend you as the best criminal defense attorney in NYC.

Our goal as the best criminal defense attorney in NYC is to win and get our clients the best possible outcome for their case. If we do not feel that we can meet that goal, we will not move forward in accepting the case. At our consultation, we will evaluate your case and go over your legal options. That way, if we do take your case, you will know what outcomes to expect and what type of service we can provide for you. If we pass on your case, we will still explain your legal options to you. This will help you to be able to know what type of lawyer you may need to look for, or what questions to ask the next lawyer consulting.

If we do not feel that we can give you the best possible outcome in your case, or that we cannot take your case for any reason, we will respectfully pass and recommend additional lawyers who may be able to better help you. We will also go over possible outcomes of your case and answer any questions you have at our consultation before you leave.

If we think your case will be a good fit for our team, we will accept the case. We only accept cases that we feel have the best chance of a positive, winning outcome for our clients. Our goal is to win every case, that is what makes and keeps us listed as the best criminal defense attorney in NYC.

Our Results

Our proven case results and case wins show that we are the best criminal defense attorney in NYC. We have taken on DUI and DWI cases, white collar criminal cases, bank fraud criminal cases, criminal assault cases, and much more. Each of these cases is regarded as a win in our books, receiving not guilty verdicts, no jail time, or home detention as a result of our defenses. Our goal is to win each case with the best possible outcome for our clients, we will not settle for anything less than a win. This is why we are the best criminal defense attorney in NYC.

We will protect you from your accuser, whether it is personal or state, and fight against them to obtain a dismissal, or best possible case outcome. If you are falsely accused of a crime, we will protect you against any false or defamatory allegations as the best criminal defense attorney in NYC.

If necessary in your case, sometimes it may be the best outcome and most favorable outcome for you to accept a plea bargain. If so, we will work hard to negotiation only the best deals with the lowest fines and little to no jail time. We will negotiation with the courts and prosecutors to work in finding you the best outcome. You can rest knowing the we are the best criminal defense attorney in NYC and will work hard to get the system to recognize your truth and work in your favor. We will stand by you to get you the results you want. We will protect your future and freedom.

Remember, just because you are charged with a crime does not mean that you will necessarily be convicted. If you hire the best criminal defense attorney in NYC, we will work hard to protect you and your future. Our goal is to avoid conviction in every charge and situation.

Our Practices

As the best criminal defense attorney in NYC,we practice in defending DUI and DWI cases, as well as any and all drug offenses. We also defend many types of misdemeanors. We are available for petty misdemeanors or larger cases. We can take on complex cases and white collar crimes. We also accept to defend assault and robbery cases, sex crimes, and federal charges. Furthermore, we have experience taking on assault weapons and firearms cases, burglary, child abuse and child endangerment, and mortgage frauds. As you can see by our long list of practices, we are well-versed in all criminal defenses and ready to take on any case. This helps us remain the best criminal defense attorney in NYC.

Do not shy away if you have a difficult case. We are motivated and experienced to take on any challenging case. We will also handle any appeals in your case as needed. We are skilled in mediation, negotiation, and litigation. We are the best criminal defense attorney in NYC and will continually prove it with our results.

Assault and Battery Crimes

We are experienced in assault and battery cases as best criminal defense attorney in NYC. We can help you navigate the NYC court system and get you the best resolution for your case. In assault and battery cases, we will start by examining the defense of basic self-defense. If you were protecting yourself from an unprovoked attack, you will be covered under self-defense. If this does not apply, then we will see if you were within a professional role that allowed for use of deadly or dangerous force for such situations. Thirdly, we will examine if you were guarding your home or property from intruders or unwanted advances. We have many years of experience within assault and battery charges.

Depending upon the seriousness of the assault and battery charges and consequences brought against a client may fluctuate. The charges of the assault or battery will depend upon the severity of the damages and harm done. A second-degree felony assault conviction will carry with it a two to seven year imprisonment. Even misdemeanor assault charges carry heavy convictions. A misdemeanor third-degree assault conviction will carry up to a year of imprisonment. If the assault or battery charge is sexual in its nature, the conviction results are even more drastic. If the charge is a sexual assault-related felony, it could result in up to 25 years of prison if convicted. Such charges would be devastating to your freedom and future. Call the best criminal defense attorney in NYCtoday!

To defend such egregious charges, we need to work quickly and aggressively. You will need the help of the best criminal defense attorney in NYC. Do not hesitate to call us, time is of the essence in all criminal defense cases.

While the two are typically filed together, criminal battery charges can also be a separate filing from assault. This is because there are different ways to classify battery crimes. Battery can be intentional or unintentional. Battery is striking another person against their will, usually causing physical harm to result in a criminal battery charge. An unintentional battery would be if you were to have the intent to hit one person, but unintentionally strike another person instead. Harm or injury is not a requirement for a battery charge, just the act of unwanted physical contact. If you are charged with battery, call the best criminal defense attorney in NYCto review your case today!

Similar to assault, conviction penalties fluctuate depending upon the brutality of the battery. Battery charges can be at a misdemeanor level or a felony level for charges. If the battery was unintentional, it can be easy for us to argue for a plea deal and talk down the conviction from a maximum sentencing. Another strong defense is if there is a lack of injury. As noted, harm or injury is not a requirement for a battery charge, but it can also help make a stronger case for us to defend you. If there is no injury, we can argue that it is difficult to prove battery even occurred. Sometimes there are no witnesses either, that will also help improve our case further. If there was a true lack of intent, that will strength our case for unintentional battery and a lower charge or dismissal. We will also look to see if there was a true justification for your use of battery, such as self-defense against unwanted bodily harm.

Generally, with battery charges, there are fines as a result of a conviction. Fines are typically less then $1,000 for battery charges. However, if you have a prior criminal background, jail may be a requirement of a conviction. Furthermore, if you are a well-round individual and upstanding working citizen, probation could be available as an option to you. Felony battery offenses have much more dire punishments upon conviction. Felony battery offenses can carry anywhere from 5 to 25 years of imprisonment with them if convicted. These punishments are against private citizen individuals. If the crime is against a police officer, the punishments are much more severe. Sentencing could bring about up to 30 years of imprisonment.

What sentencing you receive or plea bargains you are offered greatly depend on the negotiation skills of your criminal defense attorney. This is why you need to hire the best criminal defense attorney in NYC. We will work to protect your future with our effective negotiation skills and criminal defense experience.

Federal Crimes

If you are facing federal charges, contact the best criminal defense attorney in NYC to represent you. Federal charges will impact your quality of life greatly. Regardless if the charges are dismissed, they will have an effect on all future areas of your life. Federal charges will impact employment opportunities, financial loans and much more. A simple google search will show your name and federal charges against you. Federal charges require the best criminal defense attorney in NYC to represent you and bring about the best possible outcome as a solution against your charges.

A federal crime is one that is committed against the rules of the federal government. Committing a federal crime can result in a severe sentence as a result of conviction. If you are being charged with a federal crime, contact us immediately! We are the best criminal defense attorney in NYC and have vast experience defending against federal crime charges.

Some federal crimes include bank fraud, bribery, counterfeiting, insider trading and insurance fraud. There are also federal crimes that include children and carry severe sentencing with them. Those crimes are child pornography, child abduction, kidnapping (both domestic and international), child sexual exploitation and trafficking of minors. Another category of federal crimes is online or internet federal crimes. These include identity theft, phishing scams, credit card fraud and online child pornography. With the internet being widely used now, online federal crimes are becoming increasingly committed.

Finally, the last category of federal crimes is through drugs. Drug trafficking charges will be dependent upon the type of drug or substance being trafficked and the quantity. A few other details of a drug trafficking crime can affect the penalty. If this is your first offense, charges will be less severe than if you have a previous criminal background. If you are caught transporting drugs across state lines from one state to another, you could be facing a very long imprisonment term. Of course, as noted, this will depend on if you have a criminal history and the type of drugs being transported. If anyone was harmed during the trafficking, that will bring on additional charges. Or if the drugs were sold to minors or near minors, that will also bring about additional charges against you.

Federal charges have tremendous consequences. Federal charges are the most serious charges you could face. If you are facing a federal charge, call the best criminal defense attorney in NYC immediately. The sooner we can schedule a consultation to discuss your charges, and accept your case, the sooner we can put our expertise to work getting your charges dropped or negotiating a deal that will salvage and protect your freedom and future.

Drug Crimes

Charges stemming from drug crimes can bring with themsevere consequences, even if the amount of drugs involved is small. To help resolve any drug charges, you need to call the best criminal defense attorney in NYC today! We are experienced in this area and will defend your case.

Prosecutors may want to use you as an example in the war on drugs. They may try to press for the most severe sentencing and charges against you. As the best criminal defense attorney in NYC, we will protect you against this. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin working on your case. If you are caught once with drugs, you will be on the radar for future convictions, no matter how small the charge or the crime. You will need an experienced lawyer to help you navigate your charges and future charges that may be brought against you.

Defending against drug charges takes finesse from your lawyer. We have many strategies to explore in your defense and will find the right fit to resolve your case. We will look for any witnesses who can help improve your case with their story. We will also look for anyone in a similar charge or situation to see if we can use their case as an example in your defense.

Federal drug charges are the most serious in drug crimes. Contact the best criminal defense attorney in NYC immediately to schedule a consultation and determine if we can accept your case.

In NYC, drug possession charges can be some of the toughest compared to the rest of the nation. Do not try to fight the case alone without the best criminal defense attorney in NYC. If you are charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, crack, Ritalin or other drugs, you could be sentenced to up to 25 years of imprisonment. Controlled dangerous substances include a vast list of both prescription and non-prescription drugs. While marijuana is on the list of controlled dangerous substances, NYC has separate statutes for the possession of marijuana than the other controlled dangerous substances. Even for a marijuana case, you should hire the best criminal defense attorney in NYC to represent you and quickly get you the best possible outcome for your charges. Drug possession charges can carry heavy fines and jail time.

A drug conviction can negatively impact your current and future employment, citizenship status and family life. We know how important it is to resolve these matters discretely and quickly. Call the best criminal defense attorney in NYCto help you win your case today!

Securities Fraud Crimes

If you are facing charges stemming from a securities fraud crime, it could have devastating financial repercussions to you and your future. Churning charge results if you are a broker who has been charged with trading excessively to get additional commission fees. Usually these charges are made if you were to have control over your accuser’s trading account and they note excessive trading happening that goes against the accuser’s agreed upon investment objectives. It would mean that you acted recklessly with the accuser’s investment funds.

Another example of a security fraud crime is front running, or forward-trading. This is when you (as a broker) intentionally delay your client’s order for financial gain. Front running is difficult to prove, and as the best criminal defense attorney in NYC, we will protect you against these charges.

Unauthorized trading is also a security fraud crime. Brokers are not authorized to trade without their client’s approval. Usually approvals are done in writing to ensure full authorization. If you are being accused of making an unauthorized trade, we will search to see if there was an authorization to the trade or if the client had a margin account that would allow for you to trade without full written authorization.

Finally, There are omission and misrepresentation charges in securities fraud crime charges. This means that you, as a broker, cannot omit or misrepresent information about a stock or security. Everything must be disclosed to the client that would have an impact made upon their trading decisions. If a client suffers a financial loss due to an omission or misrepresentation, then you may be charged with this type of security fraud.

Security fraud crimes are handled outside of the courtroom and usually done through arbitration. The arbitration meetings are led by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and can include a panel of experts to assess the claims being made. The experts then hear all of the evidence and then make a binding decision on the charge. It is important to have thebest criminal defense attorney in NYC by your side during arbitration. We are familiar with security fraud crimes and their arbitration process. Security fraud cases are very complex. We are aware of all of the complexities involved and will work diligently to bring you the best outcome for your case.

White Collar Crimes

A white collar crime has a broad definition and can include a wide variety of offenses.To be considered a white collar crime, the crime must meet a few criteria by the FBI to be called such. The first of the three criteria required is that the act must be illegal and characterized by concealment, deceit or violation of trust. Secondly, the illegal act cannot be dependent upon the threat or use of violence or physical force. Thirdly, the illegal act will have occurred in order to avoid providing services or losing money, to gain a professional or personal advantage or to obtain services, property or money.

More often than not, white collar crimes are business related, without violence, and are motivated by a desire for financial gain. White collar crimes are typically investigated by the FBI, SEC, US Treasury or the IRS. Investigations can be driven towards you if you were subpoenaed for your business records, presented with a warrant for certain documents, an agent from the above-mentioned agencies contact you to speak to an employee or if you received a target letter. Keep in mind that because an investigation may be driven towards you, you might not necessarily be under investigation. Regardless, you should hire the best criminal defense attorney in NYC to review your case. We can look at your business and the ongoing investigation to see if it will come to a white collar crime charge. If we think you may be charged, we will work with you to start your defense early and will be prepared when the charges are files.

If you have been accused of a white collar crime, contact the best criminal defense attorney in NYC to represent you. We will work to ensure you are not convicted. To begin, we will look for a lack of intent. To be convicted of a white collar crime, the prosecution must show you had intent and committed the act knowingly and purposefully. We will also check for non-fraudulent statements that can be used. The goal here is to prove that the victim acted unreasonable when relying on a statement you provided that can be show to be demonstrably untrue. We will see if you were entrapped. In entrapment, a government agent would have persuaded you to commit the crime. If we can use an entrapment defense, we will look to prove that you would not have committed the crime without that persuasion from the government agent.

If you committed the act under duress, we can use that in our defense for your case, showing you were forced to commit the crime under the threat of harm. Similar to duress, we will look or intoxication and incapacity. Our defense strategies help us remain the best criminal defense attorney in NYC.

Finally, there is the defense of insanity. Pleading insanity requires a guilty plea, but may get you a more lenient sentence. There are also negative results of using an insanity plea, such as much speculation and future personal losses.

If you are charge with a white collar crime, contact the best criminal defense attorney in NYC to represent you. We can discuss your options based on any previous criminal history and the type of white collar crime you are being charge with. We have extensive knowledge and experience in white collar crimes and criminal defense. Call us today to help you protect your assets and defend you against any restitution, fines or jail time as a result of your charges.