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Best Criminal Defense Attorney - NYC

We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in New York City, New York. We are approved!

Finding the right criminal defense attorney for yourself of a loved one can be extremely difficult. It is also one of the most important things you will ever have to do, especially when fighting felony charges. Finding a criminal defense attorney that you can trust with your life is absolutely paramount.

We are an advocate for the accused and are charged with protecting our client’s interests. We work to ensure the truth is sought and the law is upheld. We work towards getting amicable negotiations and trial wins.

Call or email us today! We are here to help you! We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC.

What Makes Us THE BEST Criminal Defense Lawyers?

There are four key qualities that make us THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC. Those qualities are: investigation, negotiation, legal defense and trial wins. Great defense lawyers, like ourselves, create our own defense for the client. We begin any negotiations early in the case to save on time and stress for the client. Legal defenses take time to develop and the difference between success and failure in a case is very fragile. If you are in need of THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC, call or email us today!

We Investigate EVERY Detail!

Investigation is of the utmost importance in all cases, the more, the better. Usually in criminal defense cases, the police have been investigating and building a case for weeks or months, sometimes years. This puts the criminal defense lawyer once step behind when they are handed the case for defense. We go above and beyond in our investigations, looking to discover any and all information on the case. Especially looking to discover anything the police might have missed and witnesses or evidence that can contradict the police reports against the client. Being able to discover that evidence to support the defense is what makes us THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC.

We Negotiate THE BEST Deals!

Negotiation has to be our strong point as criminal defense lawyers. We need to figure out what is deserved by our client and the strength of the case we can present. If we can present a strong case, there is less likelihood of conviction for our client it the case proceeds to a trial. As THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC, we will learn everything there is to know about our client in order to negotiate the best deal for them. Our job is to create doubt for the prosecutor. We do this by finding inconsistencies in police reports and challenging anything we deem unreliable, thus highlighting any weakness in the prosecutor’s case against our client.

Most prosecutors are searching for a resolution that provides consequences for actions and justice for victims. Part of our job as THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC is to also negotiate with our client to get them to agree with those two items. Sometimes a short-term inconvenience protects long-term harm in negotiating a deal for our client. Our job is to protect our client’s life and future. If there are deals on the table, it is good to present all options rather than go directly to court, saving time, money and stress for all parties involved.

We Present THE STRONGEST Legal Defense!

A great legal defense includes reading the discovery, and knowing and reading the law absolutely. We can find errors in police reports and challenge the paperwork submitted. We can challenge the quality of any police interaction and interrogations. Strong legal defense teams, such as ours, put a lot of pressure on the prosecution. This pressure can improve deal and plea offers made to our clients. For example, clients that might have received an offer of jail time may receive a downgrade to a probation offer if we put enough pressure on the prosecution and showing them their case could fall through. A great legal defense team, like ours, will provide victory or leverage for settlements. We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC and our legal defense team is well-versed in pressuring the prosecution.

We Win THE MOST Cases!

One of the best ways to find a great criminal defense attorney is to look at their trial wins. We win THE MOST cases! Not many lawyers will take the tough cases to trial. Trials are difficult and can last months which can add to their stress. Trials take a lot of preparation and attention to detail. Great defense lawyers, like us, prepare for weeks in advance prior to a felony trial. If there is even one tiny error at trial, it could be detrimental to the case. It is difficult for a defense lawyer to take on and win criminal jury trials, especially violent felony jury trials. A great criminal defense lawyer must be able to win if the case goes to trial.

If a case goes to jury trial, we assess how each juror will feel towards our client and the charges our client is facing. We will attempt to create a jury panel that will be sympathetic to our client. At trial, we will then present any and all evidence that can exonerate our client and create doubt in the jury’s mind towards the guilt of our client. This is why we are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC!

If the case goes to trial and we do not win, the consequences could be dire for our client. We keep that knowledge on hand, and that is why we do our due diligence to remain THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC and win THE MOST cases. Contact us today!

We Can Help You!

We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC – We are approved! Call us or email us today to review your case!

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, call or email us immediately. We can offer a consultation that will help explain the charges being brought up. We will also explain the defenses available, possible negotiation strategies and next steps if there is a conviction. If you or a loved one are facing a serious criminal charge, contact a reputable criminal defense attorney such as ourselves. We are skilled criminal defense attorneys, specializing in criminal law and ready to represent your case.

We will help you prepare for your case and for any pertinent legal issues relevant to your case. We will help identify and attend to any pretrial issues. We will issue motions to help improve your case and if we can, get the case dismissed. Our objective is to get you the best possible outcome in your case. Our client is our number one priority.

We can handle both state and federal law cases. We are highly experienced criminal defense attorneys with complex cases and cases requiring lengthy investigations and resources. We handle both routine criminal defense cases and specialty cases. We will put in the time and dedication to your case. We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC with a proven track record! We will help you achieve the best possible result for your case. We are approved! Call or email us today!

Let Us Lead Your Defense!

We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC! While you may feel like you understand the law and have a reasonable amount of law knowledge, we are exceptionally skilled at what we do and exceedingly knowledgeable. We will fight for the client’s best interest in the case. We have a deep understanding of the intricate and complex legal system. We are fully qualified and approved. We will establish a clear line of communication for your case and hold truth and honesty in the highest respect. We are bound by confidentiality, but need all of the fact of the case to fully represent you as our client. The sooner you contact us, then the more time we will have to prepare and research for your case.

Schedule a Consultation Today!

Call or email us to schedule a consultation immediately! Meet with us to analyze your case. We will listen to your case and review the details to decide if your case is a good match. Our goal is for a victory with the best possible outcome for our client. We will only take on your case if we can confidently get you the best outcome and resolution to your case. We will work closely with you to investigate, negotiate, defend and protect the truth at trial.

At consultation, we will go over every option and possible strategy for your case. The more information you bring to the consultation, the more accurately we can discuss strategies and outcomes. If agreeable, we will begin research and investigations immediately on your case. We are experienced and approved. We are THE BEST criminal defense attorney in NYC and have the highest level of experience.