Do not be fooled, it takes method to tear through the side of a bus, back of a semi-tractor taxi, or building construction products quickly. What do you need to cut through those items and do so fast? Enter the cordless reciprocating saw.

What is the Background of the Cordless Sawzall

I include this section mostly because I keep in mind wondering why some people said sawzall, while others stated reciprocating saw After the description, I will use the term sawzall throughout the rest of the article merely since sawzall is 9 letters much shorter to type.

The reciprocating saw entered into fashion by the Milwaukee Tool Firm. The company patented the name "Sawzall" in 1951. Billed as the very first mobile electric hacksaw, the layout has actually taken place by various other device firms under the name reciprocating saw. That's the history of the sawzall.

Common External Parts and Use

The sawzall is intended to replicate the motion of a hacksaw or jigsaw, but on a larger scale. It’s handle and blade placement make it comfortable for vertical cuts when used on wood, metal, plastics, or ceramics.