Unique Horoscope.


Batch Horoscope.

Lot of people are loosing Faith in Astrology. WHY?

We are using Batch Horoscope.

We Need Unique Horoscope, For Correct & Precise Prediction.

Batch Horoscope:

Horoscope of all the persons Born During Same Time & in the same area Where the Native was born.

Unique Horoscope:

Horoscope of the Native with

  1. Exact Time of Birth ( Hr. Min. Sec.) .
  2. Exact Place ( Exact Place of Birth Exact Address of the Place where Native was born... Not Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore Etc.).
  • For correct Prediction we need the Unique Horoscope of the Native Only.
  • Astrology Prediction Method Used by Me is Advance Vedic Astrology,
  • This is Latest & Unique Prediction Methods.
  • The Predictions are very Correct & Precise.
  • As we are using Unique Horoscope for Prediction.
  • Very Accurate, Very Correct & Precise Prediction.
  • Better than: Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology, LalKitab, Etc.
  • Why this Prediction Method is Better as compared to other.
  • Watch the Video & read Explanation below if Interested to know more about this astrology..

How this Prediction Method is Best & Very Accurate.

We all are Unique & there is nobody who resembles us in this universe, As we all are Unique & are different from each other.

But do you know that horoscope of all the persons

Born on the same DAY &

During that TIME &

In the Same AREA taken for making the Horoscope will be same in Vedic, Nadi, Lal Kitab etc?

I call these Horoscopes Batch Horoscope or Group Horoscope. for all the persons who are born on the Same day with a time difference of 10-20 Minutes in a place like Delhi. will have the same Horoscope & The predictions will be Confusing & will be with Remedies. Which has no Relevance with your Question.

Now Question is How to Get Unique Horoscope. As we have only This data available with Us.

Following Details are required to Cast a UNIQUE HOROSCOPE.

1. Birth Details of the Native with Exact Location of the Birth Place.

2. We need Birth Details of BLOOD RELATIONS. ( Patents; Elder or Younger Brother or Sisters;

Children- Male or Female. ) Min one to Two.

3. One PAST EVENT of the life which person remembers with Date & Time of the Event.

All above-mentioned consideration make a Unique Horoscope & Prediction are Very Precise Accurate & Correct.

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