Berlin Burner

Events, get-togethers and helping realize amazing dreams of artists connected with our community, requires quite a bit of organization. We very much welcome you taking an active interest in possibly taking up a (little) part of that responsibility. We love bringing our community together and making it even stronger. Like nobody, we are not perfect and invite improvement. We are a do-ocracy: you want to change something? We are there to enable you do so.

Jeez, why does Mary get to decide what everyone eats and when they work? Who put her in charge?” Older and wiser heads will say, “This is a do-ocracy. If you think you can do Mary’s job, and you want to, then get up there and do it. She’ll probably be relieved. If not, don’t be a jerk and make a big stink about it, or else she’ll stop working so hard and we won’t have anything to eat!” -



  • for those in-depth conversations...
  • about specific topics....
  • with fun giphs :D

Official website:

Our events:

Calendar: so you'd think ideally we have one place to put all events, right? good idea, anybody up for making it? What would be fantastic would be a newsletter too right... :)

Our google drive:


How to get in touch with us:

  • say something in the general channel on slack, facebook,...
  • for an official response: (but we are struggling a bit with the inflow of communication)

Below the google drive link. If want to edit something, just request access and we'll get in touch :=)


So... you cought the bug of DIY, very well...

  1. Go to this link:
    • request access if you have not yet. In this case: wait for access first :D
  2. Edit whatever you want, don't be shy about it, make new pages,....
  3. After completing your edits: don't forget to press the button "publish"

For detailed help: