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Deer Fences End the Aggravation Felt by Residential Property Owners

Many people find deer to be lovely, majestic creatures until they move to residential property where deer routinely cause substantial plant destruction. Then they become aggravated by these wild animals they used to admire. Some men and women would be satisfied getting out a gun and shooting the critter after it kills a young tree or decimates a vegetable garden. However, hunting season is short and, for the most part, shooting guns is illegal within municipalities. Installing deer fencing is a more sensible solution.

Destructive Behavior

Living with deer and other wildlife has its pros and cons. It's not so bad when deer are gobbling food up from the ground that the property owners intended for birds. They invest a bit more in the wildlife-feeding budget and enjoy the sight of the big animals under the feeders.

However, when deer munch on ornamental flowers and shrubbery, and when they destroy vegetable gardens, the property owners are understandably angry. Buying fencing from a supplier like Benner's Gardens and doing the easy installation work allows humans and the wild critters to live in harmony again.

When Food Is Scarce

When food is scarce, these animals will eat practically anything available. They have particular favorites when food is abundant, but in winter and early spring, nearly anything goes. That's why they go after the earliest flowers and vegetables that pop up in March, April, and May, depending on the region. If the deer population in the area is large, the competition makes the situation even worse.

The Human Factor

The enormous populations of deer in both wild and urban places are undeniably connected with human meddling in the environment. Deer are attracted to areas of cities that extend long and wide green spaces with abundant water. This is often achieved with the growing of expanses of grass on large residential and commercial lots as well as in local parks.

The Right Type of Fencing

Using the right type of fencing is essential since deer can easily jump over many types. Privacy fences without spaces between any slats can keep them out since they can't see over the top. But, many residential property owners don't like the claustrophobic atmosphere of privacy fences, preferring to keep the area around the backyard visible. An electric fence will block deer, but many property owners are uncomfortable having this equipment on their land. Instead, equipment specially built to stop deer invasion is recommended.