Data comics are a way of effectively communicating with data through data visualizations. They are inspired by the visual language of comics. This page lists examples we found online and those created during our research. We hope this website and our examples support a wider discussion and inspire journalists, artists, data scientists, and others to create their own data comics and help exploring and discovering this novel medium.

Benjamin Bach | Zezhong Wang | Dave Murray-Rust

The VisHub will be a University-wide hub for data visualization display and interaction technology to support research across the university, especially early career researchers (ECRs).

Benjamin Bach | Dave Murray-Rust | Larissa Pschetz | Bettina Nissen | Robin Hill | Dave Robertson

The Vistorian is an online platform that provides interactive visualization for various kinds of networks. It is a collaborative open-source research-project currently in the prototyping phase

Benjamin Bach


Using data visualization and analytics to support peace building and conflict analysis.

Benjamin Bach | Larissa Pschetz | Christine Bell | Tobias Kauer