Fabric Certification:

  • UCC Code : S-NW-CA190411P0288-A4B3

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Remote cloud patient multi parameter monitoring, data recorder and alarm system.

Comfort & Sterile wear - Ot combo

Product Code: hybridOT

  • Combination product and Sterile wear

  • Product Code: hybridOT

  • Head Hood 35 GSM Level 3 Splash fluid resistance: Multilayer Spunbond

  • 1. Head Hood from SMMS 50 gsm

  • 2. Surgical Gown from Laminated Polyethylene on Polypropylene 70 gsm or SMMS 50 gsm

  • 3. Shoe cover with Anti Slip strips from Laminated Polyethylene on Polypropylene

  • Good breathability provides comfort for long duration wear

  • Design allows Sterile donning and safe removal

  • Universal size

  • Long arms for Thumblock

  • Above knee Shoecover with elastic

  • Soft elastic for face, wrist ends

  • White/ Light shade to detect possible contamination

  • Suitable for fluid splash procedure, Fluid splash + pressure areas

  • Level 3 Face Protection, Level 4 Body protection

  • Used in Moderate & HIGH risk situations

  • Suggested usage: OT

  • Extra ETO Sterilization Rs 35/-

  • Extra Seam heat Sealing with fluid resistant 120 micron tape Rs 60/-

  • Extra Kit components: Rs 120/- [Includes 3 ply surgical face mask, 1 pair nitrile gloves, Anti fogging Face shield, disposal cover, mobile cover with ziplock]

  • For Aerosolization procedures: add N95

Face Shield

Product Code FS.1

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  • To prevent splash on face

  • Reusable - amenable to Chemical cleaning with alcohol/ hypochlorite solution

  • Anti fogging

  • Fix firmly and fit snugly - No tight Pressure sores

  • Comfortable to wear long hrs

  • Optically clear

  • Distortion free

3 ply surgical face mask

Product code: 3ply

non woven


Nose Pleat allows moulding to fit on nose

4 robust ties ultrasound stitched

Nitrile Gloves

Product Code: Nglov

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Unsterile 100 pack box

Double Gloves - 2 pairs

Packed sterile in PPE Kit

Disposal cover, Mobile cover ziplock

[available as part of Kit only]

GST applicable on all products:

5% on PPE Kit, Coverall, N95, 3 ply Surgical mask

12% on Gloves

18% on Face shield, mobile cover, Disposal cover