Benedetta Franceschiello

Good news, everyone!

… about me, research and more

I’m a post-doc at the Laboratory for Investigative Neurophysiology (LINE), research unit directed by Prof. Micah M. Murray and part of the Center for Biomedical Imaging (CIBM) in the University Hospital Center and University of Lausanne, Switzerland (CHUV-UNIL). I'm also affiliated to the Department of Ophthalmology, Jules-Gonin Hospital (HOJG) in Lausanne (Switzerland), leading center in the field of ophthalmic research.

During my PhD I trained as a computational neuroscientist and applied mathematician, contributing in developping models for perception and brain dynamics. Nowadays I'm extending my field of expertise to neuroimaging, focusing on the development of MRI techniques for vision and EEG methods for the identification of neural correlates and biomarkers. My final goal is to merge my competences together in a unified research topic, possibly with neurorehabilitation purposes in psychology and psychiatry.

contact: benedetta [dot] franceschiello [at] fa2 [dot] ch