RIP Tumbly

Tumbly the Tumbler was declared dead on June 6th 2018 at 7:01am EST. Tumbly went missing about two months before and his extended absence could only be interpreted as a death. All of Tumbly's friends and family spent the entirety of the two months looking for him through the #BringTumblyHome Movement. Both Tumbly's friends and family needed to accept his death, so we decided to declare his death in order to move on with their lives. Tumbly lived a short, but honorable life. He is survived by his twin brother Tumblo. The twins were inseparable during life and Tumbly's death caused much distress for his brother. However, Tumblo will live on and he aims to achieve all the goals in his life, that Tumbly didn't get a chance to achieve. Tumblo has sworn that he will no longer just live his life for himself, but for Tumbly as well.

Rest in Peace Tumbly the Tumbler February 26th 2018 - June, 6th 2018