Dead Bongoceros Society

The Dead Bongoceros Society is a society formed around the idea of a joy filled world. The beautiful music that bongos produce aren't present enough in our world. The number of Bongoceros in our world is far fewer than the number that it should be. Bongoceros are in short supplies and there is a lot of social pressure in our world. The D.B.S. provides Bongoceros with a community to support each other. Joining the D.B.S. is a very long and challenging process. It can take up to twenty years to complete the audition process. If you know of a D.B.S. chapter in your community, I encourage you to reach out and see if they are accepting applicants. Even if you cannot join a chapter of the D.B.S. it is important that you support members of the D.B.S. Please do your best to complete this action. The world's Bongocero's need you.