Ben Charoenwong

Assistant Professor of Finance

NUS Business School

National University of Singapore

Recent Updates

  1. Added new Resources to more useful R programming material.
  2. Created a teaching resources section, linking to teaching tools that I have used in class, such as a site to randomize groups based on a student list.
  3. I've uploaded a new version of my co-authored paper on Debt Overhang and Asymmetric Information.
  4. I've also uploaded a new version of my co-authored paper on how people choose between ride-hailing services like Uber vs. Taxi bookings.
  5. Updated the status on my investment adviser regulation paper.



Phone: (+65) 6516-5316

Office: MRB #07-69

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student looking for some research assistant work, please email me with your resume/CV and a brief email statement of your interests.

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