Ben Blemings, Ph.D. (Economics)

Cornell University


About Me

I am a rising 5th year economics Ph.D. student at West Virginia University. I study the effects of policies on micro-economic behavior using quasi-experimental methods to make causal inferences from observational data. Typical policies that I study are related to higher education, labor economics, and crime/conflict. Other areas that interest me are roads and political economy. When possible, I also take advantage of spatial data using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Please visit the research tab to see a more in-depth summary of my research.

I enjoy training service dogs and sports, particularly soccer or basketball. I have intramural championship t-shirts from two universities, but one is from winning the B league and the other is from Frat League on the graduate student team. Long ago, I could dunk a basketball- doing my name Ben-Jam-In justice. I have operated a seasonal fireworks tent for 4 summers and traveled to 11 countries.

Feel free to reach out to me via email at, at any time.

I will be joining Cornell University, as a postdoctoral associate, in Summer 2021.

Here are the dogs that I have helped train/raise:

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