This website will be coming down by the end of March. If you wish to continue to view walkthrough's on this website, please visit one of the two sites on in the "Other Sources" section of this page.



Please keep in mind that there are rules to having access to my YouTube Channel.

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  2. I still encourage everyone to get the routes themselves to support the developers. This access is only there to allow you to see if you wish to get the stories yourself (for the paid content/stories) or if you are too impatient to wait for tickets/energy to read a story you are currently reading (100% free stories).
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Most of my website is compiled of walkthroughs from all of these sites combined as well as many from my actual play-throughs. Otome Otaku Girl is the one I work the closest with, as we usually share content with each other. Sites that have been removed for one reason or the other include Otome iOS and one that had Memoirs in the title of the site (cannot remember the exact site name, as it has been down for a while). All walkthroughs are or will be verified by myself or one of my website admins.


This section is to thank all those people who have helped me in some way, shape, or form. They help me with my videos on YouTube, moderating Discord, adding walkthroughs, supplying CGs, and much more.

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