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Belkin is an American company that offers an extensive range of innovatively designed computers, consumer electronics, and seamless integration goods that you can use in homes and offices. The popular offerings from Belkin till now are the routers.

Belkin provides award-winning and easy-to-use networking solutions. Also, their routers give excellent work performance. The users get great internet strength and speed using the Belkin routers. Also, they experience quick connectivity with the expanded network coverage.

The Belkin Setup is an easy process that you carry to set your Belkin router. In this post, we will help you with the steps of Belkin Setup for your router.

Belkin Router Setup Procedure

Stage 1 - Unboxing and Switching On Your Router

  • First, we recommend the users replace all the packaging or plastic material from the router if they have newly purchased a router.

  • After that, proceed to connect the antennas that come with your router packaging. Those antennas get you a good WiFi speed.

  • Then, link the power cord to the correct port of your router.

  • Also, connect the same to an electrical socket.

  • Further, check if the LED light blinks on your router.

  • Once the light is stable, it indicates that the router is connected and getting an efficient power supply.

Stage 2 – Linking Your Belkin Router to PC

  • Usually, we consider it the first step of initiating the Belkin Setup. In this step, you have to link the router with your PC.

  • For this, connect an Ethernet cable from your router to your PC.

  • Besides, you can establish a wireless connection too.

  • For a wireless connection, you will have to locate the default Belkin wireless network name first. You will get it on your PC WiFi list.

  • After you select the default Belkin wireless network name, you are advised to state your router's password too and tap on the 'connect' button.

Stage 3 - Filling In Default Credentials

  • Now, access a preferred internet browser.

  • Then, input the IP address '' in the search field.

  • After that, a Belkin login window will open on your system's screen.

  • Here, you have to type 'admin' in the password.

  • Remember, the letters must be in lower-case.

  • Next, click on the 'submit' button.

  • Also, you have to make a note that some Belkin routers may not have any password.

  • Hence, in such cases, the users are recommended to leave the password field unattended.

Stage 4 - Modification in the Wireless Network Name and Password

  • After following the above steps, the main setup window of the router will appear on your system's screen.

  • On the router setup window's left side, you will find individual sections by choosing which you can modify the router settings.

  • Hence, opt for the wireless option in the very first place.

  • Then, set a network name and password for your Belkin WiFi.

  • Further, hit the 'apply changes' option.

By doing this, your router's or Belkin Setup process completes successfully.

Other Methods to Proceed with the Router's Settings

There are alternative ways that you can use to easily configure the Belkin router's settings. Here are the details of those methods:

  • You can use a software CD for the Setup if your service provider gives you the same.

  • The process is simple. You will have to keep the CD in the disc drive of your PC.

  • After that, a setup dialog box presents on your screen.

  • You have to click on the 'setup' option and input the default credentials of the router login within the given fields.

  • After that, click on the 'finish' option after you complete this Setup procedure.

  • Now, the main router interface will show up. Hence, you can configure the router settings.

  • If you wish to set up the Belkin router through a mobile, then enable the 'Belkin Wifi' option on your phone.

  • You will find this option in the 'settings' option of your mobile.

  • As a result, the router's web page setup screen will appear.

  • Click on the option 'detect my connection.'

  • You will find a Belkin Setup window as soon as the router firmware gets updated.

  • Now, set a new network name for your router and also generate a distinct password.

  • After that, you can reconnect your mobile with the new wireless network name.

We have simplified the process of Belkin Router Setup for you by providing clear guidelines in this guide. Now, you can also proceed with the Belkin Setup conveniently.