Belkin Setup - How to Perform Belkin Setup and Reset Procedure?

Belkin is a multinational company that offers a wide range of connectivity devices such as routers, network switches, hubs, range extenders, and much more. Belkin has streamlined its unique approach to deliver technology devices that ensure it meets the user's needs with its world-class networking devices.

Through the Belkin range extenders, the users can extend the range of their existing network. Thus to enjoy the high-speed internet, the users will have to perform the Belkin Setup procedure. Therefore, the users who face dead zone issues in their home or office are suggested to use the Belkin range extender to extend the range of their existing network.

The users who are experiencing wireless dead spots at their office or workplace can understand how irritating it can be when they get stuck in the middle of important work due to a poor internet connection.

Belkin range extenders are used to boost the range and the capacity of any router configured with it. There are different series and models of Belkin range extender, but the Belkin setup procedure remains the same. Thus, the users can carry out the steps below to setup the range extender in a hassle-free manner.

Pre Belkin Setup Requirements

The users will have to perform the Belkin Setup procedure to eliminate the dead zones at their home or office place. However, before moving ahead with the setup process, look at the pre-setup requirements.

  • Network Name and Password

  • Ethernet cable

  • The router having an internet connection

  • Woking power outlet

  • The device with a stable internet connection

  • Default login and IP for the Belkin Range Extender

So now move further and check the steps for Belkin Setup and reset procedure.

Belkin Setup Procedure

The Belkin range extenders are the best device through which the users can easily eliminate the common Wi-Fi issues. All users facing dead zone or low internet connectivity issues are advised to perform the Belkin Setup procedure.

  • Firstly unbox the extender and then plug-in into the power outlet.

  • When the user plug-in the Belkin extender, the wireless network name (Belkin.Setup) will appear in the network list.

  • Note: The users don't have to connect their system to the Belkin Range Extender via an Ethernet Cable. Go to the system and search for the available networks.

  • Then in the list of available networks, click on (Belkin.Setup.)

  • After this, the users are suggested to connect with the Unsecured Belkin.Setup Network.

  • Note: The users can setup the password and can secure it during the installation process.

  • Now the users are suggested to open the internet browser on their system.

  • After this, in the address bar of the internet browser, type http://belkin.range and then the Belkin setup page will appear on the screen.

  • From there, carefully install and configure the Belkin Range Extender.

  • After this, the range extender will search for the network name.

  • Then, the users are suggested to select the "Network Name" that they want to extend.

  • After this, hit on the "Next" option.

  • It may ask the user to enter the router's password, so the users are suggested to enter the password and click on the "Next" option.

  • Now the users are suggested to confirm everything and hit on the "Create Extended Network" option.

  • After this, create an extended network.

  • Then save all the settings and restart the Belkin Range Extender.

So through these steps, the Belkin procedure gets completed. However, users searching for ways to reset the Belkin range extender should perform the steps provided below.

Steps to Reset Belkin Range Extender

The users are advised to follow the steps provided below to reset the Belkin Range Extender.

  • Turn "ON" the Belkin range extender.

  • After this, look for the Reset key located at the backside of the Netgear extender.

  • After this, the users are suggested to press the "Reset Key" with a paperclip or a pointed thing.

  • Then hold for at least 23-30 seconds.

  • Now the users are suggested to release the "Reset Key" and restart the range extender.

  • After this, again perform the following steps provided above regarding the Belkin setup procedure.

So through this way, the users can easily perform the Belkin setup process and reset the extender. Moreover, with the range extender's help, the users can easily fix all Wi-Fi related issues. If, after applying these steps, the problem persists the same, then immediately contact the experts for assistance.