Belkin Setup - Steps to Perform the Belkin Extender Setup

Belkin range extenders are the devices that help to boost the signals of wifi routers configured with it. Also, it offers seamless connectivity at every corner of the house or office place. So, the users facing internet issues, then the Belkin range extenders are the best possible way to eliminate the internet-related problems. Hence the users are suggested to execute the Belkin Setup procedure for proper functioning. So, users are suggested to check out the complete information provided here and perform the steps mentioned below regarding the Belkin setup.

Furthermore, Belkin releases firmware updates to improve the performance of the extender. So, the users are suggested to update the firmware whenever available. Once the user updates their extender’s firmware, new features get added and result in the wireless connection’s better speed. However, the users can also check out the steps discussed here to update the range extender’s firmware.

Steps to perform the Belkin Setup

Belkin range extenders are used to extend the range of the existing wireless network and fix the dead zone issues within the home or the workplace. Therefore to get the strong signals and make the most out of the existing wireless connection, the users are advised to use the Belkin range extenders.

After successfully performing the Belkin setup procedure, the users can connect their device to the range extender’s network. Furthermore, the users can access the range extender’s web-based user interface (UI) using their internet browser.

So the users are recommended to implement the steps enrolled below to execute the setup procedure.

  • The users are advised to unbox the range extender and then plug-in into the power socket.

  • After the user plug-in the Belkin extender, the wireless network name (Belkin.Setup) will appear in the network list.

  • Note: The users are suggested not to connect their system to the Belkin Range Extender through an Ethernet Cable. So, go to the system and search for the available networks.

  • Then click on the (Belkin.Setup) name available in the list of networks.

  • Now, the users are recommended to connect with the Unsecured Belkin.Setup Network.

  • Note: The users can create the password and can secure it while performing the installation process.

  • Now the users are recommended to access the internet browser on their device.

  • Then, type http://belkin.range in the browser’s address bar.

  • After that, wait for the official site to open.

  • Then the Belkin setup page will open on the screen.

  • Now, perform the on-screen instructions to install and configure the Belkin Range Extender.

  • After that, the range extender will start searching for the network name.

  • Then, select the “Network Name” to extend.

  • After this, tap on the “Next” option.

  • It may ask the user to enter the router’s password, enter the password, and hit on the “Next” option.

  • Now check everything and hit on the “Create Extended Network” option.

  • After this, the users are suggested to create an extended network.

  • Then save all the settings and restart the Belkin Range Extender.

Steps to update firmware of the extender

The users are recommended to update the firmware of their Belkin Extender for better performance of their device. So, collect the information provided below and apply the steps penned below to perform the steps to update the extender’s firmware.

Before proceeding further, the users are suggested to download the firmware. So, for that, go through the steps listed below.

  • Open a web browser and go to the official website of Belkin.

  • Once the website gets open, enter the range extender’s model number in the search bar and press the “Enter” key.

  • After that, the users are recommended to select their device.

  • Then on the range extender product support page, hit on the “Downloads/Firmware” to open the download file.

  • Now the users are suggested to select the hardware version and tap on the “Download” link of the extender’s firmware.

  • Then choose the save file radio button and click on the “OK” button.

After applying these steps, the users can easily download the firmware of their range extender. Thus, after downloading the firmware, proceed further with the update procedure.

Steps to Update the Range Extender

After carefully downloading the firmware, the users must update the firmware through the steps provided below.

  • Open a web browser and visit “https://belkin.range.”

  • Note: The users can also visit the official IP address, i.e., to access the Belkin page.

  • Then click on the “Login” option.

  • After that, the users are advised to enter the range extender’s password.

  • Then click on the “Submit” option.

  • Note: The users can also leave the field blank if they haven’t setup the password of their range extender and click on the submit option.

  • Now choose the “Firmware Update” option.

  • After that, click on the “Browse or choose file” option and choose the downloaded firmware.

  • Then click on the “Open” option.

  • Then again, click on the “Update” option.

  • After that, when the prompt appears on the screen, click on the “OK” option.

  • Now another prompt would open stating that the device won’t respond during the update procedure.

  • After that, tap on the “OK” button and wait till the firmware update gets complete.

  • Note: Make sure not to unplug or power OFF or restart the range extender while the firmware is updating.

Hence these were the steps through which the users can perform the Belkin setup procedure. With the help of the steps discussed above, the users can also update their extender’s firmware. However, if any user fails to setup the extender or faces an issue updating the firmware, contact the professionals for a one-stop solution.