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The Belkin range extenders are a device that repeats the router’s signals and extends the Wi-Fi network to stream video, audio and access content on all devices. So, the users facing poor internet issues or facing dead zone issues within their home or workplace must prefer using the Belkin extenders.

The Belkin extenders are the perfect solution to resolve internet-related issues. So, users are suggested to perform the Belkin setup procedure properly to eliminate the Wi-Fi network-related issues.

The users can perform the setup procedure using a CD or without CD also. However, all users are recommended to go through the detailed information provided below to troubleshoot the Belkin setup page not working issue.

The default IP address to perform the Belkin Setup is Through this default IP address, the users can customize the settings of their extender. If any user fails to access the setup page, they are suggested to checkout the troubleshooting steps provided here to fix the issue.

Things to consider while performing the Belkin Setup procedure

The users are suggested to keep the following thing in mind while performing the setup procedure.

  • Place the extender near the router and the system.

  • Make sure that the devices are correctly connected.

  • Confirm that the extender and other devices are in proper working condition.

  • While accessing the Belkin setup page, make sure that the extender is connected to the router and the system.

Steps to resolve the issue while accessing the Belkin Setup page

The users who are encountering issues with the Belkin setup page should check the detailed information provided below. After applying the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps, the users can easily fix the problem. So, scroll down and apply the steps mentioned below.

Check if the ethernet cable is connected properly

The users are recommended to ensure that the ethernet cable connecting the router and the system is not busted. If the users are still facing issues while accessing the setup page, consider using another ethernet cable to resolve the issue.

Check if the router is giving a valid IP address

  • Ensure that the system has a valid IP address from the router to communicate and access the extender setup page.

  • Ensure that the system’s IP address should be in the range with the router’s IP segment.

  • Note: The users are recommended to set the system to obtain an IP address from the Wi-Fi router automatically. However, if the system has a static IP address, pen down the settings before switching the configuration to obtain an IP address automatically.

Make sure to enter the correct router IP address

The users are advised to check the router’s IP address before logging into the web-based setup page. Therefore, it is important to enter the correct IP address in the address bar.

Incorrect password used to login the Belkin setup page

There is no default password for the Belkin routers. So, the users are suggested to enter the router’s IP address in the browser. After that, click on the “Login” button and then hit on the “Submit” option.

Upgrade the router’s firmware

While browsing the internet, the users facing issues are suggested to check whether the router has the latest firmware installed. If not, then upgrade the router’s firmware and then restart it.

Check the router’s light

The users are suggested to ensure that the ports’ corresponding lights where the cables are plugged into are lit.

Consider changing the Wi-Fi password

The users are suggested to change the password of their router to troubleshoot the issue. Therefore, after changing the password reconnect the devices with the help of a new password.

If the users are still performing the Belkin setup page not working issue after applying the troubleshooting steps, contact the experts for assistance.