Belkin Range Extender Setup - Setting up the Belkin WiFi Range Extender

Belkin range extenders are one of the popular extenders that are used globally. The users enjoy high speed internet connection using the Belkin extenders even in the areas where the networks are hard to reach. Also, these extenders are affordable and light weight that easily fits to your plug sockets. Using these extenders, you can easily get the internet connection on your devices, including iPads, computers, tablets, laptops, etc.

Belkin extenders are easy to set up. The users do not require specific technical knowledge for the same. One can easily go for the Belkin Range Extender Setup by considering the points and instructions that we have rounded in this post. Hence, a thorough reading and correct implementation is advised to the readers.

Detailed Belkin Range Extender Setup Process

  • First, you have to unbox the extender to commence the Belkin Range Extender Setup.

  • For this, put off all the necessary packaging stuff from the product.

  • After that, pair the antennas properly with the extender that you get inside the box itself. This is important to increase the functioning of the extender.

  • After that, hold your extender and plug the same into a power source.

  • For this, ensure that the power socket in which you have plugged the extender is functioning properly and getting enough power supply.

  • Now, you have to form a secure and safe network connection. For the same, there are two distinct ways which are the wired and non-wired connection.

  • For the wired connection, you will have to take the Ethernet cable. Then, hook it up into your system and your router.

  • If you wish to go for the wireless connection method, then you must connect to the default WiFi connection network. The default connection network will be under the name of belkin.setup. Hence, click on the same to connect.

  • After completing the configuration part, you will see that the extender LED light will start flickering.

  • After that, get ready with the latest or updated version of the internet browser.

  • It can be any from Safari, Opera, Explorer, Chrome, or other.

  • Go to the search address bar and type the URL to access the Belkin's web page.

  • Hence, input the link 'http://belkin.range' in the address bar and push the enter key from your keyboard.

  • Alternatively, you can utilize the IP address to access the Belkin web page. It is ''

  • As a result, you will be taken to the new page.

  • Here, you have to select the 'get started' button.

  • Also, you can go for your preferred language from the drop-down menu list.

  • Then, pick up the wireless network that you are using currently from the available network connection list.

  • After that, opt for the wireless connection that you wish to extend. For this, fill in the password field for the same.

  • Then, move your cursor and hit the 'next' button.

  • Further, opt for the host network if you are using dual-band routers. The host networks will be 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

  • Now, input the password for the same.

  • Then, click on the 'next' tab to proceed further with the Belkin Range Extender Setup process.

  • As a result, a dialogue box will show up on your screen.

  • Input the extended network name of your router for verification.

  • Then, overview the password and SSID network name once for the router that you had opted for.

  • Also, give your confirmation by clicking on the 'confirm' tab.

  • Finally, you will get an indication through a message saying 'your extender is now configured.'

  • Hence, place your cursor and tap on the 'close' button to exit the setup wizard

How to Reset the Belkin Extender for Resolving the Belkin Range Extender Setup Issue?

In case of facing any technical glitch during the setup process of your Belkin range extender, you must reset the extender immediately. For the same, we have given here the easy steps to follow. With these steps, you can definitely get rid of issues and enjoy the smooth functions of the Belkin range extender.

  • First, you must power on the Belkin range extender.

  • Then, look for the reset button. You will get the same on your extender's rear side.

  • After that, hold a pin-like object and press the reset button with its help.

  • You must keep holding the reset button for up to 30 seconds.

  • Afterward, release the button and reboot your Belkin range extender.

  • This completes the reset process that will help you resolve the issues coming up during the Belkin Range Extender Setup process.

This guide covers Belkin Range Extender Setup process with a solution of resetting the extender to take the process of setup smoothly.