School Dances

Homecomings. Proms. Dances. Memories.

✔ Fist-pumping sound!

✔ Club-style, concert-like lighting!

✔ No cheesy DJs - ever!

Stunning Lighting and Efx

I specialize in high-energy club-like atmosphere with splashes of uplighting color to create a one-of-a-kind look, I will work with you using our low power-consuming LED lighting fixtures to make a memorable decor. I can make a small room or large gymnasium ROCK! Power in schools is often less than adequate for DJs, but with state-of-the art equipment I can still make it rock with out cutting corners!

Professional Sound & MC

Using professional audio equipment, I can fill a room as small as classroom or as large as a gymnasium with HUGE sound! I will work with you ahead of the event to create a program, soundtrack and timeline that is perfect for you and your guests.

I play today's hottest hits, but your teachers and administrator will be happy to know I only play clean music. Period.

Favorite Heartland DJ

Although I have strong roots in Michigan where I began my DJ career, and have DJ'd in great venues such as New Orleans and San Juan, Puerto Rico; The Heartland is where I proudly call home. There is no additional travel charges for any Highlands County School event!

I am always excited to work closely with schools for discounted rates, and often partner with non-profits for community fundraising efforts!

Contact Ian, Directly

I'd love to say I have a huge staff to take your call, answer questions, but I do not. I am proud to say you will work with me from beginning to end for your event. There will never be any questions about who promised what. This is how local businesses go the extra mile!

Phone: (269) 207-4542


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