MSc Behavioural Decision Making for Finance


The major players in the financial sector* recognise that tendencies in behaviour can have an impact on financial outcomes. In response to this, investment banks are increasingly adopting strategies informed by behavioural thinking. With the advent of big data, there's an unprecedented opportunity to uncover winning behavioural investment strategies. This course will allow you to become expert in understanding those behaviours.

Drawing on the combined expertise of Stirling's Accounting and Finance Division, our Economics Division and Scotland’s only specialist Behavioural Science Centre, this course will give you the analytical skills you'll need for a successful career in banking, finance and related areas.

Our Masters course covers the core theories in financial decision-making, and in the rapidly growing field of behavioural economics. You'll develop the critical skills to assess investment strategies, product designs and regulations, plus the technical skills to develop and pilot investment strategies, product designs and regulations.

(*Including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and regulators such as the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and the US Federal Reserve)

Amplify Trading Boot Camp

The course also includes an innovative week-long global financial trading and training boot camp run by our partner Amplify Trading. The boot camp won the CFA Institute Innovative Delivery of Education (IDEA) global award and gives you the chance to trade futures contracts on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. By letting you trade in real time, but with virtual money, the boot camp bridges the gap between an academic understanding of financial markets and how they function in practice.

Student Managed Investment Fund

Our students have established a Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF), with support of our academics within the Accounting and Finance Division. It allows you to gain practical experience of managing investments with real money. A student-led project, it will help you to enhance your employability before you graduate – giving you exceptional practical understanding of theoretical aspects of investment valuation.