Most of our work is in the area of Behavioural Economics. This field develops and utilises research from the behavioural sciences to challenge the assumptions of traditional economics and rebuild it on a more stable footing by acknowledging that people are complex psychological beings for whom the traditional assumptions do not hold. We are interested in integrating behavioural science into all of the social sciences.

A subset of behavioural economics concerns nudging. A nudge is a policy that incentivises optimal behaviour without forcing the individual to act in a certain way. Normally this is achieved through changing the context in which the decision is made in order to target peoples natural ways for processing information. Some of our work focuses on developing, applying, and considering the ethics of nudges.

Our research has been published in top academic journals in economics, psychology and general science. Clinking the button below will take you to a list of selected publications by Centre members. If you would like more detail, feel free to contact Assistant Director Simon McCabe who can out you in touch with the most relevant member [E-mail Dr. McCabe].