Beginning Orchestra

Welcome To Orchestra!!

I am so happy to have you in this class! I am excited for the adventure you are beginning while learning to play a string instrument and be a member of the Discovery Beginning Orchestra.

Needed Materials for Orchestra in School and at Home:

Your Instrument

If you are a cello or bass player, you need to have a cello or bass at your home for daily practice. Please be sure your home cello is the same size as your school cello.

Cello and Bass Players will need to bring your home instrument for to school for concerts. Students will be assigned a school instrument to use during class.

If you are a violin or viola player, you wil bring your instrument back and forth between home and school. I recommend placing it by the door where you will exit your home the night before.

3 Ring Binder

Students will need a 3 ring binder (1.5-2 " size) to contain all orchestra materials, method book, and sheet music. Binders should always be brought to orchestra class and will need to go home as well.

3 Ring Binder Pencil Pouch and supplies

Each student will need to place a 3 ring binder PENCIL POUCH inside their 3 ring binder.

Inside each pencil pouch, students will need to have a PENCIL, their TUNER, and ROSIN. (Violin and Viola players will be able to keep their rosin in their instrument case)


Your chromebook will be used daily. Please have it charged and ready to be used each class day.


Cello and Bass players will need to place their rosin in the 3 ring binder pouch. Violin and Viola players may keep their rosin in their instument case.

There will not be any "shared" or "classroom" rosin available for use.

Shoulder Rest

Violin and Viola players will need to bring their shoulder rests to class each day. Shoulder rests will also need to go home as well. I recommend either a shoulder rest bag (Link HERE) or a pencil pouch attached with a carabiner hook to the case to keep the shoulder rest from being lost or left on the bus.

Reading Book

Students should always have a book to read with them.

Orchestra Book

You will need to have your own copy of the book we will use for orchestra class. This book is called Measures of Success, Book 1. (Be sure the book you purchase is for your instrument). This book will be placed into your 3 ring binder and will travel between school and home.

We will begin using this book on Monday, August 23rd.


Each student (due to Covid 19 regulations) will need their own tuner.

Please purchase a SNARK ST-8 tuner. (Link HERE)

Each student will keep their tuner in the pencil pouch inside of their 3 ring binder. The tuner will need to travel between school and home.

Snark Tuners, Shoulder rest pouches, Shoulder rests, and the Measures of Success book can all be purchased at Quinlan and Fabish music store as well as many other websites. I have only linked to Amazon for conveinence and reference.

If you have any questions, please contact April Oppenheim via my school email.