Transport Arrangements

The Tathra Beach Country Club is generously providing their mini-bus for the day for free! It is an 11-seater so if you are in a hurry to get back to your car you might want to make other arrangements as there will be bound to be a wait. If 10 drivers go back in the first bus and they undertake to come back and pick up other drivers, the task will soon be done.

Many people will either do a vehicle drop or have a designated driver who can pick them up. No doubt there will be other drivers willing to help out by giving lifts to those that need them.

Some people have indicated plans to ride back to Bega via Reedy Swamp Road and Goats Knob. It is a beautiful, low car traffic ride on a mountain bike but there are some steep sections which will challenge inexperienced and/or unfit riders. Others may return the way they came. It is always an option but with school holiday and traffic as a result of the ride, it will be quite busy; not recommended for the faint-hearted or inexperienced! This is the reason we have been working for a bike path!

We have given undertakings to the Local Traffic Committee that we will encourage people not to ride back to Bega but you have the right to do so if you choose. We are putting additional advertising and signage in place so that people will be prepared to encounter riders on the road.


Tathra resident Gerard Robbers has organised a trailer that can take 20 bikes. Gerard's vehicle can seat 7 and the Tathra Beach Country Club bus can take 10 passengers.

The trailer and bus will depart from Lawrence Park, Tathra

The planned timetable is:

7.10am Loading of bikes onto trailer at Lawrence Park, Tathra

7.30am Bike trailer and Country Club Bus Depart Lawrence Park for Bega

8.00am unloaded in Bega

There will only be time for one run into Bega to allow time for registration.

If you would like to book your bike onto the trailer and get a seat on the bus, email , your name and contact mobile number and the number of bikes and riders that you need transport for.