Safety Briefing

The Ride Director and Platinum Traffic Services will give a ride briefing at 8:30am on the morning of the ride. It is important that all participants are present so that there is no confusion about the traffic arrangements and rules of the ride!

Items to be mentioned include:

  • THIS IS NOT A RACE. Ride accordingly.
  • Obey all road rules.
  • Stay in the left lane. Do NOT cross the centre line.
  • Kids! Pay attention! Don't zip in and out of the older riders. It can freak them out.
  • Be careful of vehicles entering or leaving driveways and intersections.
  • Be mindful of, and courteous to, passing motorists.
  • Obey the directions of Platinum Traffic Services staff and riding marshalls. When directed to pull over by traffic management personnel or signs, do so safely and ensure that you are fully off the road.
  • Stay a safe distance behind the escort vehicle and ride at the same pace.
  • Be aware of First-aid facilities. The escort vehicle has a kit and there are several riders with kits.
  • Emergency procedures - follow all instructions from marshalls.
  • All riders will be advised to carry a mobile phone and reminded of the emergency numbers 000 and 112.
  • Some riders are unfamiliar with riding in large groups. Give yourself plenty of room and leave at least one metre in from the side of the road
  • Watch out for the wheel of the person in front. Do not crowd other riders.