Conditions of Entry


September 30 2018, Bega to Tathra NSW

Rider Briefing and Conditions of Entry

Bega Tathra Safe Ride promotes this event as a smoke free event.


1. Start location

Bega Showground, Upper Street, Bega NSW

The start location is located at the Bega Showgrounds in Upper Street, Bega


Registration is at the Bega Showground.

The Bega Showground is providing a hot breakfast and coffee. Proceeds from the breakfast support the Showground facilities.

First aid and toilets are all located here and will be open from 7am on Sunday.

2. Parking

Parking is at the Showground and in Upper Street. If you can, please ride or carpool with others to get to the start. Follow the signs and directions from marshalls to access the correct parking areas. Check out the locations for parking here

3. Registration and Entry

Online entries can be made on TryBooking from September 1

Registration on the day

Registration at Bega Showground starts at 7:30am and must be completed by the commencement of the rider briefing at 8:30am. All riders must complete a signed waiver form (on the back of tickets purchased online) and registration form details - there is a copy you can print at the bottom of this page.

Registration Times

Registration will be between 7:30am and 8:30am on the day of the event. To speed things up download and print off a registration and waiver form before you arrive.


All riders who have registered online must present a TryBooking ticket at registration.

At registration you will receive:

- 1 x wrist band: This must be worn to show you have registered.

You must hand in your signed waiver and indemnity form at registration. You can have someone else register for you but they must bring an indemnity form signed by you.

Once you have completed registration and had your hot breakfast, proceed to the marshalling area for the Rider Briefing

4. Start Time

You must be in the marshalling area for the compulsory pre-ride briefing at 8:30am.

The ride involves a mass start. We would ask riders to give each other plenty of room and accommodate younger riders on the left hand side of the group. Riders under 13 must be accompanied by their supervising adult. On the road, younger riders (<13 yrs) will be expected to stick close to the fog line and older riders and riding marshalls will occupy space closer to the centre line. All riders should keep a safe distance from any vehicles on the road.


7.15am Breakfast starts at Bega Showgrounds

7:30 – 8:30am Rider registration

8.30am Ride briefing/Welcome to Country

9:00am Ride commences under instructions from Platinum Traffic Services

11:00am Ride concludes at Lawrence Park, Tathra

5. The route

The ride follows Tathra Road to Tathra. There are several short, but not too steep hills.

ROAD RULES APPLY! You will be sharing the road with traffic.

Watch out for directions from Platinum Traffic Services personnel and traffic volunteers.

The ride will take less than 2hours to complete. Riders should carry their own water.

Our traffic volunteers will be carrying water containers if you need to refill.

Route Maps

Maps of the route are posted on the event website. As intersections are manned by volunteers it is impossible to take the wrong route. You will be traveling in a large peloton.

Recommended Equipment

We recommend you carry the following items:

· Helmet

· Pump or CO2 canister(s)

· Spare tube(s) or patches

· Water

· Sunscreen

· Mobile phone – to arrange pick up in the event of a mishap or equipment failure.

· Wallet – to purchase fundraising breakfast at the Bega Showgrounds and morning tea at Lawrence Park.

Cut-off Times

The aim is to have everyone back at the finish by 11am. This means that there will be a need to stay with the peloton at all times. Any rider that is lagging behind badly or struggling to make the designated pull over locations will be given the option of pulling out of the event and provided with support.

Pull over locations

1 – Wallagoot Lane, Jellat Jellat

2 - Evans Park, Kalaru

The timeline for the ride is:

Stage 1 Bega Showgrounds to Wallagoot Lane

9:00am Riders turn onto East Street and proceed to ride through Stage 1 (7km)

9:40am Riders stop at pull-over location 1, Wallagoot Lane and allow following vehicles to pass.

(Total distance covered - 7.0km)

Stage 2 Wallagoot Lane to Evans Park, Kalaru

9:50am Riders proceed to ride through Stage 2 (5.5 km)

10:20am Riders stop at pull-over location 2, Evans Park and allow following vehicles to pass.

(Total distance covered - 12.5 km)

Stage 3 Evans Park, Kalaru to Lawrence Park, Tathra

10:30am Riders turn left onto Tathra Road and head east up Evans Hill towards Tathra and proceed to ride through Stage 3 - (3.4km)

10:50am Riders enter Lawrence Park

(Total distance covered - 15.9 km)

Emergency Vehicles. If an injured rider has to be evacuated, an emergency vehicle may have to gain access to conduct the evacuation. Riders should slow down to let the vehicle pass if required – or stop where directed by marshals.


Please do not throw your gel / bar wrapper or other rubbish on the ride. Shove your wrappers in your pockets until you finish. Do not litter the countryside.


Come prepared with repellent just in case.

6. Event Safety

Stay in Control

Make sure you ride within your ability and that you are always in control: we don’t want any injuries! Take it easy, especially on downhill sections. You will be riding in a big group so give everyone plenty of room especially younger riders who should be on the left hand side of the lane.

Road Safety

You will be riding on a Council road. There will be oncoming traffic so please ride on the left hand side of roads. Be aware and give way when needed. Be careful at all road intersections and where driveways meet the road. Obey the road rules and any direction of traffic marshals.

Refuge Areas and Evacuation Routes

Refuge areas are areas that are safe for groups to congregate in the case of bushfires or very strong winds. If wind conditions became dangerous during the event, course marshals would stop you at the designated pull over locations until it is safe to proceed.

These locations are:

1 – Bega Showgrounds

2 – Wallagoot Lane

3 – Evans Park

4 – Lawrence Park

First Aid

Several medical practitioners and trained first aiders will be in the group. They will also provide mobile first aid services throughout the course.

If you pass an injured rider please stop to help them and report any incidents to the next marshal you see on the course. A team of sweepers will follow the last riders through the course. They will provide assistance to anyone in need, and divert riders home, should they miss the cut off times.

Emergency Instructions

In case of an incident please follow these steps. To report an incident you should attempt to make contact via step 1. If this is not successful move to step 2 and work your way through accordingly.

Minor Incidents: sprains, fatigue, non-urgent incidents and general reporting if you have safety concerns.

1. Report to the riding marshal if you can’t make the pull over location. Non–urgent evacuations will be made from the pull over locations. Evacuations will be done when there are available resources.

2. Call emergency mobile numbers below (see below).

3. Text emergency mobile numbers

Major Incidents: broken bones, snake bites, severe bleeding, heat exhaustion, hypothermia etc. Please immediately report any bush fire to the Event organiser

1. You or another cyclist needs to provide the first response and injury management.

2. Call 000. If your phone doesn’t have reception try 112 which works with all phone providers. Call emergency mobiles (see below).

3. Text emergency mobiles.

4. Call or text event organiser

If you can’t get through on any of the numbers below call ‘000’ or 112 which will use any available mobile network. You must tell them you are participating in the NSW Bike Week Community Ride from Bega to Tathra.

Event organizer (Emergency Contact 1) 0428 267 956

Ride Director (Emergency contact 2) 0415 260 119

Phone Reception

There is mobile phone coverage on the route. We encourage all riders to carry a mobile phone.

Withdrawing from the Event

If you need to withdraw from the event for any reason at all, do so safely and stay off the road. A support vehicle will assist you.


We recommend that you have your own personal accident insurance and ambulance cover.


Please ensure that you are sufficiently skilled to undertake the event. The course is on bitumen road. Ride within your limits. Please ensure that you are fit enough to complete the event. Ensure that you are in good health and that you do not have any illness that will hinder your ability to complete the event. Make sure you keep well hydrated during the event and take some water with you.

7. Rider Services


There will be a fundraising breakfast at Bega Showground from 7:15am. There will also be coffee available. All funds go to the Showground Committee.

Bike Repairs and shop

There will not be a mechanic Service at the start or finish. However if you have forgotten to bring something Tathra Beach & Bike is located in Tathra.

First Aid

First-aiders will be available at the start and during the event.

8. Event Rules

· You must be a competent rider, and fit enough to complete the event.

· You must wear a properly fitted Australian standard cycling helmet.

· Bikes must be in safe, working order and comply with road rules

· Children 9-17 yrs can ride; under 14 must be accompanied by an adult

· No littering.

· No smoking.

· Stay with the group.

· Give way to emergency vehicles.

· You must obey directions of marshals.

· Please assist riders that are in need of help.

· You must obey road rules.

· You must hand in a signed indemnity form at registration. You should have read and understood the indemnity form.

9. Presentation and Prizes

There will be announcements and the drawing of the Lucky Rider Prize (To be advised) at the conclusion of the ride at Lawrence Park.

10. Sponsors

Thanks to all our sponsors that are supporting this event and providing goodies and prizes. If you would like to be a sponsor contact us to make arrangements.

11. Save time on the day

Print off your registration form and waiver and fill them out prior to the day, If you bring the forms filled in it will help speed up the registration process for everyone! Download the pdf below.