Building Support Awareness

What we Believe

We encourage non-judgmental awareness, to help build support for Homeless communities.

We recognize that many individuals who are homeless have suffered traumatic loss of possessions, jobs, families and homes. Many people who are homeless have made great sacrifices of services for the country, others suffer from mental illness and addiction.

We believe the worst suffering of the homeless is the judgment.

Many people have a home such as a tent, a cabin, a car, a camper or other space that is not recognized as a home.

Whether someone has a happy home that others do not approve, or someone is in need of support, all of us deserve and need to be treated with humanity and dignity.

We believe you cannot truly help someone when you are trying to tell them how to live.

Many people choose to be homeless for personal reasons.

If you would like to support your neighbors and community members who do not have recognized housing, we encourage you to visit them, have a beer with them and hear them. Let them tell you what would make their life better.

We do not advocate for political action or solicit financial contributions.

If you choose to purchase products with the beer4homeless.com label you support us in spreading a personal message about nonjudgmental awareness and we appreciate your support, but the most important thing you can do is to take the time to get know these individuals and treat them with human kindness.

There are many individuals and communities who are working tirelessly to support the homeless community, we applaud them.

We do not condone approaches that try to force individuals into housing or treatment programs against their will.

Thank you for your support for our work and for individuals in the homeless community.

Email: [ beer4homeless@gmail.com]