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Here you find a collection of my game designs & hacks. I like playing RPG (roleplaying games), story games, indie games, freeform games, nordic larp or chamberlarp.

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Directions Storyplaying is a story game toolbox that allows you to collaboratively build plots and roleplay emotionally satisfying scenes.

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Unknown Arcana

An Into the Odd OSR hack with a setting between Unknown Armies and Lost Room — only deadlier.


Character Sheet (PDF) v 0.2 | 28 Feb 2019

Contribution — Translation

Contributed to the translation of the following games.

Fate Core System

Original by Evil Hat / Translation by Uhrwerk Verlag

Archipelago III

Original by Matthijs Holter / Translation by Tina Trillitzsch

Hell Tithe (Höllenzehnt)

Original by Jason Morningstar / Translation by Tina Trillitzsch

OctoberVest (DEUTSCH)

Beitrag zum Fate Core Weltenband Challenge.

Ein modernes Münchner Urban Fantasy Setting für Fate Core.

Downloads (DEUTSCH)

OktoberVest Handbuch (PDF)

OktoberVest Beziehungen RelationshipMap (PDF)

OktoberVest Charakterbogen (PDF)

Review (DEUTSCH)

OktoberVest Rezension —

Fate Hacks

Various hacks for Fate Core and Fate Accelerated

Magic Hack for Fate

Magic Hack for Fate ENGLISH (PDF)

Magic Hack DEUTSCH (PDF) —

FateCoreTexPlus Hack

Bringing relationship aspects & mechanics from Cortex Plus Dramatic Roleplaying into Fate Core. With Elena Gilbert (Vampire Diaries) character sheet example.

FateCoreTexPlus Hack (PDF)

Guns & Mojo — Lasers & Feelings Hack

Spy Action hack of John Harper's Lasers & Feelings game.


Guns and Mojo - Lasers and Feelings hack (PDF)

Lost Genius freeform game

Freeform game contribution for the Golden Cobra Anthology 2015 (PDF).


Lost Genius — (PDF)

Russisch Roulette RPG (DEUTSCH)

Freeform Rollenspiel, nominiert für den Winter One Page Contest 2014.


Russisch Roulette RPG (PDF)

Contributor — Columnist

Regular contributor to German story game e-zine Erzählspiel-Zine.

Regelmäßiger Mitarbeiter der deutschsprachigen Erzählspiel-Zine.