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We are passionate about recycling electronics. This includes repair, refurbishment, and recycling! What sort of electronics? devices, computers, TV's and many other gadgets that use wires and batteries.

Recycling is much better than landfill. The device may still be useful to someone, and if it's truly broken, then the metals and materials are still recyclable and can be made into new things.

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Do you have tools, devices, or items in your home that only get used once in a blue moon? If only there were a way to reduce clutter, but still have access to tools, equipment, cooking appliances. Consider the sharing economy! Places like tool libraries exist, which can lend tools, cooking supplies, camping gear, and more.


Another great lifestyle choice is repair. Choosing to repair your stuff starts with mindful purchasing. Once you own a thing, you can keep it and use it for a long time, by maintaining and repairing it! There are lots of useful tutorials online which help you problem solve your broken item, and then repair it.

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