These are two hour classes and will be taught at my house, 2430 Corey Dr, Longmont, CO. The class size limit is 15 students. The cost will be $50/class. To register call, text or email me. If there are fewer than 3 students registered, then the class may be cancelled. If you have questions, feel free to contact me.


Early Spring Management - Feeding, Swarm Control, Splitting

Fri 15 Feb 7-9 pm


Thurs 21 Feb 7-9 pm

Did your bees make it through the winter? Help them through the last crucial weeks. Pat yourself on the back and then get ready for swarm season! Your bees will be gearing up in March to swarm in April. You need to be ahead of them. Keep your bees safe and your neighbors happy. Swarm prevention can easily be dovetailed with splitting.

Starting Off Right with Packages, Nucs, Swarms

Thurs 14 Mar 7-9 pm


Thurs 21 Mar 7-9 pm

Bees are coming! Most will arrive in April, some in May. Getting your bees off to a good start is important. We'll cover how to install a package, swarm, or nuc and pros and cons of each. If you've been putting off your bee education, take this class to get started and then take the Not for Dummies Class.

Bee Health and Sickness

Believe it or not, varroa is not the only sickness bees can get. Here are the others, how to diagnose them, and what to do about them.

Equipment - What is all this stuff?

Hive Types- Langstroth/US standard, top bar, Warre, bee boles. Queen excluders, bottom boards, lids, quilt boxes, slatted racks, screened bottoms. What's essential, what's nice to have, what's optional, what's a white elephant. How to put it together and how to use it.


Mites, feeding, insulating, ventilating. It starts in August.

Native Bees - We have over 500 species in Boulder County!

Maybe a box of 40,000 stinging insects isn't for you. What pollinated plants before honey bees arrived in the Americas? Learn about the native species we have and how you can encourage them in your yard.