Digital Mine Diagnostic

“Digital” will transform the mining business. But will it transform YOUR mining business. Embarking on the digital technology adoption journey is now a confirmed priority for the miners but how to go about it is less clear. The market is presently awash with business transforming opportunities and technology buzzwords. As interesting as the Airbnb, Uber and eBay stories might be, miners need a strategy that is realistic for their industry.

CxOs and mine site GMs are committed to embracing change but often feel trapped between by the uncertainty of emerging technologies, choosing the right partners and selecting which opportunities to fund. What does machine learning, big data, autonomy or augmented reality really mean to me and my operation? They also understand that digital change will have far reaching effects at the organizational level but cannot yet reconcile the gap between practices deeply entrenched over the past century and a future where data and machines run the business.

BEDROCKmg’s Digital Mine Diagnostic is a structured process to define the optimal entry point and adoption approach to digital transformation for your specific business. It recognises that one size does not fit all and considers your:

  • specific site operational scenarios
  • business strategies and objectives
  • current technology capabilities; and
  • organizational readiness

Our objective is to help you identify realistic, high-value digital opportunities with minimal risk. By realistic, we mean achievable for your business, taking into account the constraints and the available capabilities of your specific organisation. The diagnostic also defines a longer term framework for progressing digital initiatives, taking into account enabling platforms, support and cultural factors.

Whether you are looking to dip your toe in the digital water or set a digital agenda to transform your business, our diagnostic is a great way to get started.

The diagnostic comprises four steps, which focus on raising awareness of the capabilities, scope and limitations of digital technology and alignment of these to a client’s unique business and operating situation. This includes targeting immediate needs and identifying blue sky opportunities.

The Digital Mine Diagnosticsm Process

1. Understanding Digital

    1. What is driving change and what is different
    2. What does Digital mean to mining and what’s possible
    3. How mature are the solutions and what are the risks and benefits

2. Organisational Context for embracing Digital

    1. What could Digital mean to my business given my specific strategy,operational scenarios and burning platforms.
    2. What is my current technology readiness and organisational capability to embrace digital

3. Expose business specific value creating Digital opportunities (defined as projects) or explore a broader transformation agenda.

Assess risks, readiness levels across for the identified digital opportunities across :

    1. Digital Technology Platforms
    2. Informational capabilities
    3. Organizational capabilities
    4. Process Change Capacity

4. Digital ROI Gate

    1. Value assessment, quantification and prioritization of the digital projects. Select “Proof of Value” project and develop PoV business case proposal
    2. Draft emergent Digital Strategy (how do I strategically guide future investment)

The Digital Diagnostic is run with minimal distraction to your team, based on 2 structured workshops followed by off-site analysis and an interactive presentation of findings.