Implementing telecollaboration in language classes

A survey-based examination of the digital teaching method's positive outcome regarding the students' intercultural communicative competence

This tab is dedicated to the research project that has been mentioned before. Hereafter you can find two proposals, that describe the research's development little by little, also including the theoretical foundation of telecollaboration and its application in a pedagogical context as well as the purpose of this project and how it has been carried out.

To ensure data protection, in the following you will only be able to see to screenshots. If you're interested in continuing reading about this small-scale project, please click on the underlined words.


Intented research project.docx

This first proposal How to foster students's intercultural communicative competence as part of the media competence using telecollaboration is meant to give a general overview about the topic. It also reasons why this kind of research might be useful regarding future teacher education. The theoretical foundation based on a selected bibliography introduces a first version of the survey and its possible realization.

This second proposal Implementing telecollaboration in language classes. A survey-based examination of the digital teaching method's positive outcome regarding the students' intercultural communicative competence serves the direct description of how the survey was outlined and carried out with help of the online-tool SurveyMonkey. Furthermore it explains the survey's limitation and why certain aspects needed to be changed regarding the theoretical framework. Naturally, there are given some examples of the developed questions.

Finished research project.docx

Although the elicitation of the required data and its analysis is already finished, the questionnaire is still retrievable on SurveyMonkey. I'm open to new experiences with telecollaboration as a digital teaching-method in language class, so please go ahead!

To see the results on SurveyMonkey, click here.

In order to present the whole research project, I have been working on an interactive presentation with genially, click to see this creative output. In contrast to create for example movies as a creative form of representing the survey's results, an interactive presentation facilitates an user-oriented accountability of the survey-based examination.

Congratulations! I finished my first personal research project!

As I explained on the tab of the study week, investigating on telecollaboration was a perfect possibility to combine my 'journey to become an intercultural teacher' with a digital teaching method as its implementation in language classes leads automatically to intercultural contacts to foreign students/classes. Furthermore, this small-scaled project enabled me to focus only on the positive outcome regarding the development of the students' intercultural communicative competence. Being an intercultural teacher naturally requires well founded knowledge and experience about teaching methods, that foster the students' awareness of intercultural knowledge and literacies. The results of my qualitative-oriented research clearly show the positive outcome of telecollaboration so that, as a future teacher, I surely will carry out a telecollaboration project - and hopefully will be able to motivate my students to work on their intercultural competences and to benefit from them outside of school.